Portal 13.5

celes4760bpWouldn’t hurt a bit to have another super-high-vibration Crystal to work with here, this time Celestite, sometimes called Celestine.  It’s Strontium Sulfate.

Chiron’s Initiation of Vesta is complete around noon PDT on 13 May (http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pdt12.htm), so with luck things may lighten up a bit after that.  Asteroid Karma is already sailing away, and I wouldn’t expect asteroids Ask (crossing 15 May) or Amor (crossing 19 May) to be as nervous, though they might offer breakthroughs of their own.  We still have Jupiter Initiating Juno on 16 May ( 7pm PDT, http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pdt19.htm ), but that’s about Expanding our Consciousness, so while it may evoke Fear of our own Power, at least we should be past the most potentially Despair-producing part of these adventures.

Initiations like Chiron-Vesta are events that, when experienced “properly,” build up to the event, then drop off quickly.  They linger when experienced “improperly.”  The “proper” way to experience them is Consciously – “Oh, there’s that Trickster Chiron messing with my Limiting Beliefs!  No wonder I’m Anxious!”  If we instead allow our Anxious mind to have its way with our Anxiety and start attributing Causes to our Discomfort, Acting to Protect ourself against it, and making Decisions to Protect ourself from it (“I’ll never say that to the boss again!”) – in other words if we give our Paper Tigers teeth and claws – then we can make the Discomfort last for lifetimes. 

That’s how we Create Karma – by not Attending to what’s really going on, and instead Reacting to what we think might be Causes for what’s really going on.  Of course we’ve been feeling Anxious!  Our Limiting Beliefs are the source of our Security.  If they get pulled down by Mr. Despair himself, you bet we’re going to be nervous.  But even that is an attribution of Cause.  What’s really going on is that we’re feeling Anxious (or Scared or Discomfort or …), and all we need to do is Empathize with ourself feeling that Discomfort – “You poor Sweetheart, you’re feeling a little off Balance, aren’t you.”  While Self-Empathy is how Chiron shifts from Despair to Miracle, Self-Empathy works for any Discomfort, Chironean or not.

One Response to “Portal 13.5”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Thank you. Very, very helpful to remember self-compassion and empathy today.

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