a.Karma Chapter Two


Well, the plot thickens.  In Chapter One we described the Grand Cross  (Skill at Multitasking) and the Diamond Star (Orientation toward Liberation) rooted at the third Decanate of the Cardinal Signs (Liberation through Letting Go) in the Discovery chart for asteroid Karma (a.Karma for short).  The chart pretty much defines how our Species will be evolving over the next Century.  Some of the key points:
  • Learning to be Loving with Fear without Abandoning ourself
  • Locating and Accepting Forbidden Emotions
  • Opening up to the Skills hidden within Strong Emotions
  • Accepting Confusion as The Most Important Thing in our Evolution

But we also discovered an almost-Grand Sextile – five out of six points equally spaced around the Zodiac – which makes the sixth (missing or Vacant) point a very important place for our Evolution.

Turns our the Vacancy is none other than 27 Aquarius, “An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets: The importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in our instinctive feelings as frames of reference for our most authentic emotions.”  Where do we recognize this symbol from?  From the February 2010 Neptune-Chiron Initiation.

So our approach to Karma, and in particular our Response to this Chiron-Vesta Initiation, is intertwined with the New Economic Paradigm that the 2007 Financial Derivative Crash (sold to us by the corporate media as a “Subprime Mortgage Crash”) set up for us.  The methodology for this Crash is clearly exposed in Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine.  Part of the process lies in the Elite manipulating the Culture into crises (and manipulating endogenous crises) in order to use them as excuses to “rescue” us – by putting us into indebtedness we can never repay. 

If we follow the standard Politics of Karma – and our traditional Limiting Beliefs – we’d placidly accept our resulting Victimhood as “Bad Karma” rather than as a failure of Community.  If we transcend our Limiting Beliefs around Abandonment, instead of being Abandoned then we’ll Abandon the Multinationals and establish a new approach to Community based around Collaboration and Cooperation (hence Lilith’s involvement in the current T-Square), Sustainability, and local Self-Sufficiency.  We’ll vote with our local currency for local control over our local Resources. 

We’ll talk about the other two Grand Crosses in Chapter Three.

2 Responses to “a.Karma Chapter Two”

  1. Φ Says:

    …2007 nNode in Pisces with Moon occulting Uranus, sNode in Virgo with Moon occulting Saturn
    …..markets bottomed March 2009, Neptune Chiron cycle
    …”strange” enough :
    sidereal transit Uranus conjunct tropical Uranus (2009) opposite tropical Saturn(2009)
    sidereal transit Chiron conjunct tropical Neptune- Chiron conjunction (2009)
    the two clocks are synchronized
    …Chiron orbits between Saturn-Uranus
    …transit Saturn Rx reaches the shortest distance relative to Earth
    (Sun – Saturn Rx opposition)…
    transit sNode in Aries keeps occulting Uranus

  2. Φ Says:

    27 Aquarius: Sun / Saturn midpoint ;)

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