Limiting Beliefs Illustrated – Portal 5.13

fuch9108bp Fuchsite (“few’-sight”) is a Chromian Muscovite Mica that’s a powerful Healer of Judgments against the Feminine, making it an excellent Totem for countering the Patriarchy.

Here’s a great illustration of Limited Beliefs…

These are the folks who made us feel dumb when we were growing up.  They not only know nothing of Astral Travel, Shapeshifting, and other Dimensions, but they vehemently deny the existence of anything that doesn’t meet the approval of the dominant Materialistic paradigm, and denigrate anyone who has experience or information that would threaten their Limiting Beliefs.  They’re experts at taking things apart, but know nothing about putting them back together again.  These are the folks who brought us nucular weapons and radioactive waste – er, I mean, nucular power.

Thing is, we all do the same thing, we just have different Limiting Beliefs.  If anything doesn’t fit our Limiting Beliefs, we don’t Believe it, and often don’t even See it.  Like the Fairy who disappears as soon as we shift our head toward that subtle movement we saw out of the corner of our eye.  We have till May 13 to cooperate with the thorough Cleansing of our Belief System, which the Universe has arranged for us.

As Chiron (Converting Despair to Miracles by Empathizing with the Despair) Initiates (Enlightens) Vesta (our Sacred Cows) Opposite (Both/And) Lilith (Yindependence), all while T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) to the dwarf planet Chaos (symbolizing Unlimited Potential).  Meanwhile Chiron just Initiated the asteroid Karma (about which more soon), and the Lilith recently Initiated asteroid Lachesis (Length of Life).  Busy busy.

So this is a fantastic time to work with our Limiting Beliefs.  We can do that Cognitively, but since we tend not to Believe or See what lies beyond them, it will probably be more effective to use PIAVA – Prayer, Intention, Affirmation, Visualization, Asking, and it’s many extensions such as Expanding, “Feelizing,” Commanding, Wondering, and the like.  Pick your favorite Limitation or two – where you’ve been working your butt off all your Life and never getting what you Want – and Ask to Grow beyond your Limits.  “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that my Limits be Lovingly and Gently Relaxed, so that I can without Anxiety Appreciate and bask in Gratitude for the remarkable Gifts You’ve given me, and for the delightful Surprises that You’ll be Giving me soon.”

Bear in mind that our greatest Frustrations often follow from our Squares and T-Squares.  Squares and T-Squares are about Motivation, not Satisfaction.  Squares and T-Squares are Mastered when we realize that since we’ve been working these issues from every conceivable angle since we were old enough to open our eyes, we must be pretty damn good at it by now!  Even if we’re still a youngster.  We have this Perfect Picture of what it’s supposed to be like, and we always fall short of achieving it.  When we realize that we’re amazingly talented while our Perfect Picture is a frozen snapshot of something that never really existed in the first place, then we can start appreciating our Mastery.  Till then, we’re still Challenged and probably still Frustrated.

Another approach is through your Judgments.  Imagine anything (or person or idea or whatever) that you Judge.  Have you ever said “I’m the kind of person that…”?  These are pretty strong expressions of Limiting Beliefs.  Can you conceive of anything positive about what you Judge, or anything useful about the kind of person you aren’t?  What if we could be anybody, but were always the perfect match for whatever situation we were in?  Would we still like ourself if we were that sort of Chameleon?  If we don’t Like and Love ourself in every case, that’s a very debilitating Limiting Belief.

Or through What we routinely Do.  When we ask someone how they are and they actually tell us, do we feel inconvenienced?  When someone asks us how we are, do we actually tell them?  Probably depends on who they are.  Do these Limiting Beliefs serve us?  Maybe sometimes.  But are we Consciously or Intuitively or Instinctively Choosing which times to exercise them, or do they Choose us?  Do we habitually worry about the Future?  What sort of Limiting Belief would that suggest?

10 Responses to “Limiting Beliefs Illustrated – Portal 5.13”

  1. Φ Says:

    ….right to the core !!!
    but if we are all, and we are we, who are “they” ?

  2. astrobuss Says:

    Depends on who the “we” is at the moment, eh? Yes, certainly at the core of our Limiting Beliefs. In my own case, “they” here is my programmed-to-feel-superior mind, and “we” are the rest of me. So one of my own Limiting Beliefs is that analysis is superior to synthesis – a Limiting Belief which I believe Western Culture mirrors to me (or more correctly, programmed into me), and which I believe contains the seeds of the death of the Planet as we know it. Whether and how that matters is a matter of debate.
    How does this work out for you? Any of your Limiting Beliefs out dancing this week?

    • Φ Says:

      hmmm… i am flipping the coin … bad, good … superior, inferior…and just observing the movement … everything has its own reason for existing, otherwise would be dead …a missing step maybe..

  3. astrobuss Says:

    Good point. In a Jungian Paradigm it’s relatively easy to postulate an Unconscious Constellation (Lizards, for example) who would serve as a foil, an assertive apparent “Opponent” whose psychic purpose would be to keep us on our toes and keep us from getting complacent. I think there’s a well-known quote somewhere about how “nothing creates Community faster than an enemy.” This could be the Archetype we’re dancing with here.

  4. astrobuss Says:

    And by the way, you bet I have a Limiting Belief that the Powers that Be won’t Support me!

    • Φ Says:

      although i do not meditate, (I try to follow Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way), i find the concept of this healing code down to the core : – the effect sometimes is tooo tremendous …upon “me” ;)

    • Φ Says:

      ….and you post this comment with helio Mercury opposing helio Uranus, squaring helio Pluto….no matter how superior a mind is, is still inferior compared to the Collective, because is just a part of it!

  5. Φ Says:

    unconscious erases words like “won’t”… “don’t” …

    “the Powers that B e won’t Support m e ”

    “me” is a tricky word …. ” I ” suits better ….rephrasing maybe??

  6. Φ Says:

    ….and WATER WATER W A T E R W A T E R cleans everything
    …with a lemon slice

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