Asteroid Karma Chapter One

catmaWe’ve looked up the “Discovery” (or rather, “coming into human Consciousness” – it was there all along) date for asteroid Karma (“a.Karma” to distinguish it from the concept of Karma), and it’s quite revealing.  It was the 3,811th asteroid recognized (there are currently over a million), on October 13, 1953.  It was not a Friday, a fact worthy of celebration.

a.Karma, recall, was recently Initiated by Chiron, at 21 Pisces, “Under the watchful and kind eye of a Chinese servant, a child fondles a little white lamb.”  For comparison, the four-year Cycle we’ve just completed was Initiated at 2 Pisces, “A squirrel hiding from hunters.”  Chiron is currently lit up by its impending Initiation of Vesta (Beliefs), its Opposition to Lilith (Yindependence), and a T-Square to the dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential, not Disorder).

An a.Karma-Chiron Cycle would be about Miraculous release from self-sabotaging Patterns, the Miracles brought about by Empathizing with our own Victimhood.  The parts of our True Self that we’ve been hiding because we expected condemnation, need no longer be hidden.  Children Explore.  We should all be so Open.  As Children we were condemned for Exploring beyond the Limiting Beliefs of our older caretakers or taskmasters.  Time to be Loving with our Inner Tykes in all such situations.

At it’s “Discovery” a.Karma was in 26 Aries, “A person possessed of more gifts than they can hold,” betraying the fact that…

Our Held Emotions (the Emotions that we Refuse to Feel, often to the point that we don’t even know it) hide Skills that are truly frightening in their Power.  Our Rage that would destroy Others, for instance, or our Vulnerability that could destroy our Self-Image.

a.Karma was also closely Conjunct dwarf planet Sedna (wouldn’t you know it!), which symbolizes Acts performed out of Fear…

Reread that last paragraph about Held Emotions, but multiply by 100.  Our rage that would destroy our own Children, for instance, or our Vulnerability that could result in our own Death.

Which Conjunction T-Squared the Nodes…

So yes, we can consider Karma and a.Karma to have the same impact – though a.Karma might be the stronger of the two!

And which completed a Grand Cross by Opposing a Saturn-Neptune Conjunction…

So much for Clear Understanding of all this!  Just when we think we’ve got a handle on The Most Important Thing, massive Confusion takes over!  And just when we start to get in touch with the Crux of the issue in Meditation, our need to Define screws it up! 

Meanwhile, Uranus Conjoined the South Node…

To locate our True Self or Yintegrity we’ll need to face down those Held Emotions and Love them into submission.

Which in turn were Conjunct the dwarf planet Makemake…

What we can Manifest once we do that will be shocking.  If there’s anything you’re having difficult Manifesting, just start Exploring any Emotion you distrust or dislike or don’t embrace wholeheartedly.  The grammar isn’t the best, but here’s a list for you – can you Embrace them all?

Any Emotion on the list that you don’t like, that’s the Door to Heaven for you.  Sure, there’s a bed of nails and a hot coal walk between here and there, but sheesh, they’re just Feelings!  Keep reminding yourself of that.

Nothing to sneeze at here – a Grand Cross with

  • Karma Conjunct Sedna
  • Saturn Conjunct Neptune
  • South Node Conjunct Uranus and Makemake
  • North Node

at the corners.  Well, could be worse.

Grand Crosses are a lot easier than T-Squares, because a Grand Cross is Balanced.  To do a T-Square you have to provide the missing Energy yourself, the Energy residing in the Vacancy that would complete the Grand Cross.  Not that it’s a picnic – with a Grand Cross there are so many disturbances that you’re always running from one emergency to the next, so you never have time to fret about it.  Which is the boon, since the essence of a T-Square is fretting about how you don’t measure up to your Perfect Picture.  A Grand Cross is four T-Squares, so you have too many Perfect Pictures to fret over.  Not measuring up?  BFD.

So the asteroid Karma keeps us very busy, which is actually a good thing.  Anything else positive about it?

The Grand Cross is Cardinal, in 23-29 degrees.  So the overall Energy is Creative.  The third Decanate of the Cardinal Signs is the Mutable Signs.  So Karma is not about The Way Out is ThroughKarma – at least as seen through the lens of a.Karma – is about The Way Out is Letting Go.  Our Karma doesn’t hold us, we hold itKarma is Inertia – it’s our Comfort Zone, it’s how we’ve always done things, it’s what we do.  So on the deepest level imaginable, all we need to do, is to do something different that we otherwise would have.  As a friend used to say, Don’t get even, get odd.  Are you brave enough to be unpredictable?

And now that you mention it, both Jupiter and a Conjunction between Pluto and the dwarf planet Haumea make a Trine-Sextile Truss Bridge across the Opposition between a.Karma-Sedna and Saturn-Neptune, with Pluto-Haumea Trine to a.Karma-Sedna and Jupiter Sextile to it; and Pluto-Haumea Sextile to Saturn-Neptune and Trine to a.Karma-Sedna.  The positions of the Trines and Sextiles turn out to be important, because while the Trines provide Dumb-Luck Grace, the Sextiles Ask us to take the first Step.

One planet or Conjunction can make a Trine-Sextile Bridge across an Opposition.  When two planets do so, and the two Sextile one another, the Configuration formed resemble Trusses.

So we’re actually Compelled to be Reborn through Letting Go of our Karma.  And we can do it more easily if we take an Active step toward Expansion – which means Consciously relaxing Judgment.

Which is particularly interesting to me, because I’ve always been curious about whether some folks are “Jungian” (driven toward Wholeness and Integration with the Unconscious, as Jung postulated), others are “Freudian” (driven by Demons in the Subconscious, as Freud postulated), and yet others are driven by other Energies that are reflected in the other major schools of psychology.  I would expect all schools to be useful – Both/And, after all – but are some more useful for some people?  I basically do Jungian astrology, but there are many folks for whom my readings don’t make much sense.  Of course we all grew up with different idioms and metaphors, so language has a great impact.

So I’ve always wondered whether the position of, or planetary relationships to, the Nodes may be influential.  But if a.Karma Gracefully Compels us to Rebirth through Embracing our Karma and our Fears, that would be another indication; folks with a prominent a.Karma in their natality could be prone to the Jungian Perspective.

Now, quiz time.  When you have a Trine-Sextile Truss Bridge across an Opposition that has a T-Square on the other side (we need a picture, but alas, my camera stopped talking to my computer for some reason), what is the Configuration?  A Diamond Star!  (See for pictures.)  Diamond Stars are very auspicious, as they make the otherwise Challenging T-Square Graceful.  The two planets in the Truss also form the base of a Finger of God pointing at the planet at the tip of the T-Square – in this case, Jupiter and Haumea-Pluto pointing to the North Node.

So these Active Steps of Expanding beyond Judgment, and of Recognizing Confusion as the first stage of Growth and Rebirth, Liberate us to meet our Mission and Embrace our Deepest Desires.  How?  Through Surrendering Control and courting Perpetual Curiosity.

The Finger of God also makes the North Node the overall Focus of the Grand Cross…

Informing us that Karma  – at least as seen through the lens of a.Karma – isn’t about Limitation, it’s about Liberation!

 Well, we didn’t really expect a.Karma to have a simple natality, did we.  And of course we’re just beginning.  If we shift our Orb or Sensitivity a bit, we find an almost-Grand Sextile, granting considerable Magical status to the Vacancy.  I haven’t calculated it yet, but this Vacancy is very close to the position of the current Chiron-Karma Initiation – as a friend says, you can’t make this stuff up!  And depending on the Orb we choose, we have at least one more Grand Cross and an additional T-Square to consider, not to mention at least one fascinating Conjunction.  So, more to follow!

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