Peruvian Shamanism

On April 6 the Shift Network will sponsor a free presentation by Peruvian Shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada on Condor Medicine: Shamanic Wisdom, Healing & Ritual Magic from the Spirit World.  Registering (first name and eddress only) at…

will get you a compelling introductory talk by don Oscar.  In this introduction he gives five propositions that as far as I can tell agree with the “Traditional Wisdom” that I use as my standard benchmark of the Value of ideas…

  • Consciousness Begets Matter
  • Language Begets Reality
  • Ritual Begets Relationship
  • Nature Begets Purpose
  • Love Begets Life

The Traditional Wisdom is what’s left after you take all of the non-Political (Both/And rather than Either/Or) Esoteric Spiritual Teachings from all of the Planet’s historical cultures, mix well, and simmer slowly.  Using a roux like this as the foundation, we can rebuild all of our concepts about Reality, then compare our Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors to our Concepts to see where our programming has perverted our relationship to the Unconscious, and where our Culture is screwing up Consciousness, Language, Ritual, Nature, and Love – not to mention Matter, Reality, Relationship, Purpose, and Life.

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