Karma III

konig5022bp Here’s a Crystal that’s perfect for this Full Moon – Konigsbergite (literally, mineral from the King’s Town), aka Amalgam.  A combination of Silver and Mercury, the same kind the Dental Industry still wants to stuff in your teeth so you can be gradually poisoned, every day, by the Mercury.  Without Linear Time, you can turn Cause and Effect around.  It’s not then that a constant low dose of Mercury leads eventually to Dementia.  It’s that when we “lose our mind” (as the Buddhists put it) in Multi-Dimensia, now we have a rational excuse!  In the 60s we didn’t drop acid to get stoned, we were stoned by the Saturn-Chiron-Uranus-Pluto fireworks and we dropped acid so we could make sense of it all!  In Einstein’s mathematics there is nothing that requires Time to flow in just one direction.

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As is always the case, Kelley Hunter brings her Powerful Perspective to the Dance under this Full Moon…


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There is Good News here, some of it historic…




Amid Mother’s protests and the billowing fascism…




We aren’t using that term lightly – fascism means that the Government and the Corporations are in bed together, and no one can deny that.

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Aside from the Main-Effect Juno-Jupiter T-Square, Dual-Tricolor Pluto Bridge, and a.Karma-Chiron Biquintile, what else does the Full Moon chart want to tell us?

The a.Karma-Chiron Conjunction is the focus of a second T-Square, formed on a base of the Opposition between Venus and Ixion-Pholus.

This would likely set up a contest between our Self-Love and our Self-Blame.  The combination of the dwarf planet Ixion and the Centaur Pholus could set up any number of personal-history and Karmic flushbacks of situations where…

  • We Acted without considering consequences, and we still regret it
  • We were Blamed for something that really wasn’t our fault
  • We did our Best but were punished anyway
  • We were Deceived into Acting against our own interests
  • We were Deceived into Acting in regretful ways against Others
  • We were accused of or punished for something we didn’t even do
  • We were the Victim of Abuse and Blamed for it
  • Our Vulnerability was Exploited and we have not Forgiven
  • We were Betrayed by those who were supposed to Support us
  • We were sold out by folks who Abandoned their Commitments
  • We were a Victim of Human Trafficking

We could even have been a barnyard Animal who pictured ourself as a pet, and then was killed and eaten.  Beyond the Veil of Linear Time, these Lifetimes are still going on.  Flushbacks is a good word for it.  As we Re-Experience these adventures, if we do, it would be good to push the lever and Flush them.  It won’t relieve the Pain, but it’ll help us stay a little detached from the Energy, increasing the odds that we can be the Witness.

On the other side of this Equation is our Self-Love.  Our treasure-trove of stored-up Traumas is like an iceberg, with only the tip reaching up into Consciousness, and the balance lurking in the Unconscious where it’s reformulated as the Limiting Beliefs that hold us back.  While our Self-Love has the advantage of being Conscious – we can hope at any rate – the disadvantage is that while the Unconscious is vast, Consciousness of often a speck floating on that vast Sea, and often without its bearings.  But, being Conscious, we do have the Power of Intention and all of the other PIAVAFs to bring to the party.  It’s no coincidence that the Inspiring Women Summit is going on as we speak…


That’s just the base of the T-Square.  The focus is on asteroid Karma and Chiron.  So there’s an excellent chance that whatever flushbacks we encounter will not have their Roots in the Present Moment.  Often just setting our own Roots into the Present Moment – Grounding ourself, or imagining a steel cable extending from the base of our Spine to the center of the Earth – is enough to provide the Separation we need to be the Empathetic Witness.  These Experiences are no fun, and Experiencing them Alone makes it worse.  When we’re the Loving Present-Moment Witness to our non-Present-Moment Traumas, we’re no longer Alone.  I know, outside of Linear Time it’s all Present Moment, but when we say “Present Moment” what we mean is “Present Moment Present Place.”

Chiron, remember, is Discouragement/Despair and Miracles, and the worst kind of Despair is Unconscious Despair, which happens when we don’t even consider the possibility that there are alternatives, because our Limiting Beliefs overshadow all.  But it’s Empathy that Heals.  So it doesn’t matter what’s going on for you.  Witnessing whatever that is, and talking back to yourself as you would to a lost child, shifts the Frequency into the Present Moment.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really feeling overwhelmed here, aren’t you.  Let me hold you for a moment.” 

It’s difficult to imagine that this is all that needs to be done – and it may need to be done many times, as we slip in and out of our Regressions.  We’ll be lost in the Trauma for a while, then something – the phone ringing, the color of the wallpaper, a friend’s kind word, or simply our own cycles and rhythms, will pop us back to the surface for a moment.  That’s the moment to Act with Empathy.  Sooner or later you’ll start to slip back into the Trauma and find that it’s loosening its grip.  When it leaves you’ll feel Lost for a while, as your Experience of “Normal” is no longer.  That happens whenever there is a shift in the Unconscious.  Learn to Celebrate that feeling of being Lost.  It means your Consciousness has Expanded and you haven’t re-established your bearings yet.  The more you can leave this state be what it is, the less you’ll reinvent your former cage.

There’s a bit more, and it’s quite full of Potential, but we’ll save it for Karma IV.

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  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

    My post this morning on the moon,the morning and me…totally woke at 3:45 a.m. energized with the,self love…self blame cha cha and …the energy rolled as the day continued…what a tsunami😅😨😎

  2. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate and commented:
    I relate…

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