Karma II and the Full Moon

NoorNoor (Light) … clarity or the illumination of self by the inner light… a painting by Mahasweta, http://creationsfromstillness.com/

Reader Mahasweta tells us…

“Nice post!  Here is how I have described Karma to many…  Karma is cause and effects…  it is a pattern we are going to go through again and again (abandonment, jealousy, etc.) and will continue for the rest of our life as this is what we are born to see through in this lifetime.  The cause we have no control over, it a life pattern we are born into.  The effects, that, we have control over.  How we react every time the cause is presented to us in our lives is what effects are about, that is what the pattern is and we can choose to see through this and go beyond it… and once we have  gone beyond it (where there is no reaction to the cause), we have let go of that Karma.  The cause may repeat, but when the conditioned reaction is not there, the effects are gone… and Karma needs both sides, cause and effects, to be a thing.”

Another reader asks…

How about Sedna, which you have said represents self-sabotage or actions taken out of fear?  How would you distinguish Sedna from the South Node and asteroid Karma?

I guess I don’t make much of a distinction between interpretation of the South Node and of asteroid Karma – namely, recurring circumstances (cause in Mahasweta’s terms) to which we have a significant Emotional Reaction (effects), usually to one extent or another repressed.  If they aren’t repressed, and we’re completely a Victim to our Emotions for one reason or another, then a treadmill we’re on.  If they are repressed, then we’re simply Unconscious of the connection between cause and effect and a Victim of our Karma.  Now, if to some degree they aren’t repressed, and we understand that we have the option of detaching our Identity from our Emotions and Witnessing them from the outside – well, denn können wir erlösen!  Better than immer Strebend any day!

Now Sedna I imagine to be more about Actions taken out of Fear.  Those may or may not be Karmic.  If I have a Pattern of, for instance, Acting Exploitatively because of Scarcity, I might want to ask how my natal Sedna is related to my natal Nodes and to asteroid Karma.  And to asteroid Fortuna.  There are millions of asteroids, so trying to keep track of their impact is not a reasonable proposition.  However, asteroids do have impact on us, and when one catches your Attention for one reason or another, it’s a good idea to take it seriously.  For instance, another reader writes, a few days back…

“Really feeling something yukky today…could it be the Moon Opposing asteroid Karma and Chiron?  As far as I can tell, Chiron Initiates asteroid Karma April 30 at 21 Pisces.”

Pisces 21 is “Under the watchful and kind eye of a Chinese servant, a girl fondles a little white lamb: Growth in Consciousness via its earliest tactile awareness.”  Quite an interesting Symbol.  I don’t know whether the word fondle had sexual overtones in the mid-1920s when Elsie Channeled these Symbols.  Given the nature of the 20s, I wouldn’t be surprised.  Either way, the connotation is there now, which could imply that our Karmic sexual issues could arise.  From a mid-Scorpio Full Moon, that wouldn’t be at all surprising.

It turns out that asteroid Karma (let’s call it a.Karma for short) plays an important role in the May 3 (9pm PDT, http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pdt21.htm) Full Moon.  

The Main Effect of the Full Moon is that it forms the base of a T-Square focused on the impending Juno-Jupiter Conjunction.  Jupiter Initiates Juno on May 16 at 15 Leo, “A pageant, with its spectacular floats, moves along a street crowded with cheering people.

So the primary impact of the Full Moon will be Expansion of Consciousness, as will become more clear at the mid-May New Moon.  When novel Experiences confront us over the next few weeks, it would behoove to be Conscious of any Judgment that arises around them, and attempt to view them without Judgment.

The Full Moon is Bridged by Pluto, which the Sun Trines.  This creates a Major Tricolor of Sun Square Juno-Jupiter Quincunx Pluto Trine Sun, and a Minor Tricolor of Moon Square Juno-Jupiter Quincunx Pluto Sextile Moon……

When any Experience Challenges our Identity here, we can unlock Grace by Wondering (seeking Insight, not analysis) what it is we must do.  When an Experience Challenges our Emotions during the first half of May, we can Wonder what Action we might take to quell the Disturbance in the Force.  So far we haven’t encountered Karma.

Though the Full Moon is Octile to the Nodes…

Though the Universe does ask for an “Adjustment” or Rebalancing of our trajectory in Life.

More noteworthy: Juno-Jupiter Biquintiles a.Karma-Chiron…

So the big theme of the next two to six weeks is Expansion of our Consciousness through Learning about how we’re bummed out by recurring causes that aren’t actually Present-Moment, but to which we React as if they are Present-Moment.  If our Reactions are Emotional, that’s great; to achieve Liberation we need only step aside and Witness the Emotions. 

A more typical Reaction to Karmic repetitions, however – since the Emotions are usually to some degree repressed – is to let the mind create any number of links between the cause and whatever Demons we’ve come to believe habitually Victimize us.  So our assignment is to be watchful for Anxiety or Worry, or any desire to intellectualize our Experience.  We need to meet it with Curiosity.  “Oh, there’s that tendency to want to understand what’s going on so I can protect myself from it.  Well, what if I just didn’t worry about it.”  Of course we’ll need to repeat this practice moment to moment, because just because we caught it once, doesn’t meal it’ll roll over and play dead.  The nature of Karma is Habit, and we only break Habit by repeating the process of Noticing that we’re entering the chute, and substituting a new Behavior.

There’s more to say about this Full Moon, and about a.Karma’s roll in it, but this is plenty to chew on for now.

Except that we should add one thing.  Note that, contrary to our Programming, Cause and Effect is not a Universal principle.  Cause and Effect requires Linear Time, and Linear Time is a hypnotic intellectual technique to get you to Believe that you’re stuck in one Lifetime.  Folks have many reasons to want you to Believe this, but now that (by virtue of its “discovery”) Sedna is moving into Consciousness and the Veil is thinning, we need to start Learning how to operate outside of Linear Time.  That’s actually pretty easy to do.  Just think of an important memory, and Notice that you’re no longer in the Present Moment, you’re transported to the Time and Place where that memory originally occurred.  That seems kind of trivial, and it is, but it can break the mold enough to allow you to begin Noticing other lapses of Linear Time.

If you’re an “Emotional Thinker” – you judge Truth not by logic but by how it feels in your Belly (usually Venus or the Moon or Vesta in a Water Sign, or sometimes in an Earth Sign) – you don’t live in Linear Time anyway.  Chances are though, since we’re programmed so thoroughly into Linear Time and Cause-Effect that it’s difficult to imagine how it could be otherwise, you Judge yourself for having a hard time fitting into the dominant paradigm.  So your assignment isn’t to start getting out of Linear Time, it’s to stop Judging yourself for being so far ahead of everyone else!

Oh, by the way, Chiron Initiates Vesta on May 13, also at 21 Pisces.  So we’ve some serious waking to do here, but more on that later.

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