tosi_stripProbably where all those nasty rumors about Hell started.  Is that one of the Four Horsemen emerging?  Earth is in scale relative to size, not to distance.  Photo: Phillipse Tosi via NASA. 

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There’s always a letdown after we finish a big project.  Before we explore that in more detail, let’s catch up.  Some very relevant articles on Perspective…

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If you go to the second entry on this website (“New Radio Interview”)…

Bryan talks about an even broader Perspective.  I found Bryan’s April 17-19 workshop ( ) to be very worthwhile.  The first entry on describes another similar workshop on May 2nd.

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This is an excellent summary on causes of, consequences of, and fixes for Leaky Gut or Holy Intestines…

I’m not sure if or when it will disappear, as it’s a recording of a presentation from an earlier “Summit.”

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Starting today and running for the next week, there’s a Global Online Women’s Conference “Summit”…

including folks like Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, Arielle Ford, Carol Tuttle, Allison Armstrong, Lisa Garr, Ariana Huffington, and many others.

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And don’t forget that the Food Revolution Summit starts tomorrow…

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Nick Ortner’s new book on The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief – highly recommended…

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