Which List Was Nausea On?


A couple of questions about our Excellent Big New Adventure that may be useful for many…

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What were the two lists I recommended?  You may want to do the “second” list first.  The “second” list is everything that’s the slightest bit unusual that’s occurred in your Life over the last week – interference from the Gendarmes, Relationship candidates being nice, Rain on the back nine, just the item you were looking for in the store, etc.  Put this list on the right side of the page and title it “Deliveries.”

The “first” list isn’t what you Want, it’s everything you’ve Asked For over the last several weeks.  “Asking For” includes negativities, curses, plaintive keening, etc.  For example, you may have thought to yourself or Felt, “I’m lonely this evening” which the Universe could hear, in context, as “I want a Relationship”; you may have been stung by a Bee and thought “God Damn It!” which the Universe might interpret as wanting all the Bees to leave the Planet.  Think PIAVA plus all the bells and whistles – specifically, what have you Prayed for, Intended, Asked for, Visualized, Emotionalized, Affirmed, Commanded, Wished for, Wondered about, Dreamed of, Commanded, etc.  Title this list “Orders,” on the left.

All Prayers are answered, but are we Paying Attention?  Are we putting out so many Requests to the Universe that we can’t keep track of the Universe’s Responses?  The Universe follows the path of least resistance – Ask for money and it’s likely to give you more work hours, even if you hate the work.  Ask for money AND pleasure, and it might send you a John or a Jane.  What’ll you do with that?  Ask for money AND Freedom, and it may send you information about what blocks you from having both money and Freedom at the same time.  If it’s not a Karmic issue for us, we’ll probably get what we Ask for, but it may not be what we were thinking when we Asked, if we weren’t very Conscious about Asking.  If it is a Karmic issue, what we’re likely to get is information about our Karma – all the more important to Pay Attention, so we can Clear it.

Then you draw lines connecting individual Orders to individual Deliveries, scratching your mind to try to imagine…

  • Orders you’ve forgotten that a Delivery reminds you about
  • Deliveries you’ve overlooked that an unmarked Order may be connected to
  • What could possibly connect individual Orders and Deliveries that have no lines yet

There may be some cases where two Deliveries match one Order, or vice versa. 

It’s a Grand Sextile, and Sextiles only release their Grace after we take the first step, so this exercise is important for knowing where to step next, so we don’t step in a whole or a dogturd.  Of course it’s also important for keeping better track of what we’re constantly Asking of the Universe, what the Universe is Delivering, and what we might do – and how we might be – to better prioritize and align our Life with the Universe.

  Ö    Ö    Ö    Ö    Ö 

Different question…

If they’re avoiding you now, that’s great!  Can you detect a subtle inner smile, or even a snicker, when they do that?  There’s no way we need to surrender to being eaten by the Dragon in order to find the Source of the Light.  What you need to do is NOT make peace with your Projection (them), but make peace with your Reactions (nausea and rage).  Once you accept it as your own issue and Heal it from within, their behavior will shift so suddenly you’ll forget why it used to be offensive.

So “Sit” with the nausea (it’ll be easier than starting with rage).  First Ground yourself, then Mirror your protagonist (hold a wardrobe Mirror up between you, facing them, for a few minutes).  Then locate the nausea in your Body.  If it’s not there after you’ve Grounded and Mirrored, you may want to Unground yourself so you can work with it more! 

If you think from now on you’ll always remember to Mirror and Ground, moment to moment, and there are no complications to the Mirroring (such as them “going around to the back door”), then you’re done.  The need for Mirroring and Grounding is caused by a “hole in the Aura,” and the practice of Mirroring and Grounding is basically a Sensory-Energetic equivalent to filling the hole.  If you want to just practice Mirroring and Grounding every twenty minutes for the next few months, till you habitually fill the hole, Great! – maybe that’s be your New (Life-Changing) Adventure! 

Guilt will arise – someone installed that hole in your Aura on purpose so they could manipulate you.  You may end up working with the Guilt as you would have worked with the nausea and rage.  Most folks Resent that they have to spend their scarce Attention on this, but it’s their Choice – spend their Life as a Victim, or practice filling in the whole.

Put your hand on the nausea then, warm it, soften around it, put all of your Attention into the center of it, and hold your Attention there.  If you can’t get your Attention into the center of it (often a bubble of Fear surrounds these tumors), just hold a gentle pressure on the edge of it till it lets you in.  It’s possible that it could take a few days before it lets you in.  When your Attention wanders, gently bring it back to your Body.  When the nausea (or Guilt, or any unpleasantness) starts to shift, to another location in your Body or to a different sensation, like a pain in your back or something, follow it with your Attention.  Once it shifts, you’ve “won” the game, but following it for a while can reduce any Karmic appendages. 

I’ll wager that you’ll then find that the rage is easier to work with, in the same way.

You can also try Tapping on the nausea or rage or Guilt, and if you alternated Sitting with and Tapping, a couple of times a day for each, they would complement one another nicely.  Start simple, with ~”I feel nausea” or “I feel rage” or “I feel Guilty” – and let it evolve.  If we’re talking Lifetime or long-lived Patterns, Clearing them in a week would be a Miracle, no?  So don’t hesitate to spend a couple of days doing this.

It doesn’t matter so much why you may be having these Reactions.  Our willingness to explore and be Loving with all of our usually-rejected Emotions is so much more important than the details of our personal or Karmic history.  If details come up, more Power to them, they may be helpful for triggering Letting Go of the Held Emotions.  (“Release” isn’t such a good word here because we don’t want to Re-lease – sign a new lease – on expired Karma.)  By Grounding Yourself, Mirroring your Projection (disguised as a real person), “Sitting” with the Discomfort, and Tapping, you may be able to just whip through the Letting Go without a lot of inconvenience. 

Karma, after all, is dead.  It’s just our habit of responding that way, and our inability or unwillingness to imagine seeking new ways to Receive the World and Respond to it, that lingers. 

Uh, yes, that’s True, that’s all it ever was.  We just Learned to Sit with it and discover that it wasn’t Retribution after all – that was just somebody blowing holes in our Aura so they could eat our dinner while we enjoyed Experiencing Inferiority and Inadequacy, so we could Learn to always Lovingly recognize these Feelings in the Future, and never fall for the same trick again.  We just didn’t connect what the Universe Gave us with what we Asked for.  It was very Generous of us to share our dinner with them so they could postpone their own Experience of Fear and Scarcity.  Well, while we Honor ourself for our Generosity, it’s their turn.  This time, you can teach them how to Sit and Tap, so we can all get on with the business of Cooperative and Complementary Community.

Consider Eris (Revelation of Denial) Opposite Haumea (Rebirth) in the Hourglass with Sedna (Acting from Fear) Opposite Ixion-Pholus (Self-Interest; Guilt or Blame).  As we indicated in the recent Fingerlings post, Blame (including Projection, Guilt, even Failure to Take Responsibility) is the doorway; the other Energies are deep in the Unconscious.  The fact that Mike Brown and the gang have “discovered” these Plutoids means that it’s time to start bringing their Energies into our Consciousness.

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