Real Life.  Herstory versus History.  Boston.  Garissa.  Lac Megantic.  WTC.  Gaza.  Tacloban.  Fukushima.  Phuket.  Sarajevo.  Da Nang.  Nagasaki.  Tokyo.  London.  Dresden.  Iwo Jima.  Auschwitz.  Hamburg – in a different body, but “I” was there.  Gallipoli – a hundred thousand dead in a single battle.  Today we struggle to get to a hundred – this is actually progress.  Simferopol.  Gettysburg.  Waterloo.  Troy.  It goes on and on.  Sarajevo was where the Romans settled the Ostrogoths!  And where the Ottoman Empire was never quite put to rest.  It goes on and on.  For how long?  Who do we Blame?  Shall we stop?  Can the Planet afford to support us all if we stop?  What about the Elephants?  The Starfish?  Between Killer and Killed, what’s the Coin? 

What is it that we do or don’t do out of Fear?  We aren’t talking about bravery and cowardice.  We’re talking about what we do every day Unconsciously to perpetuate the War.  Fear is the absence of Love.  What is it that we do every day out of the absence of Love?  No answers, answers are just the mind masturbating.  That won’t change the Unconscious.  Just Curiosity, just the unanswered Question, lingering, for the Unconscious to put on the rotisserie and serve up to us when its done, a surprise when we least expect it.  There’s an inflection point here.  It will be different for each of us.  But the Opportunity is here this weekend, and it’s Big.

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