Another One! Money & Manifestation


And who doesn’t want to know more about Money and Manifestation!?!  I just found out about this one and it’s already in progress, but last week’s recordings are still available.  Lisa Garr, Jack Canfield, Carol Look, Joe Vitale, and Doreen Virtue are names I recognize.  Sign up at…

From there it gets very confusing.  The “bonuses” pop up, but if you sign up and can’t find the interviews, let me know and I’ll help you find them. 

What a time for blowing away Limiting Beliefs, with Pluto Stationary (Powerful Transformations) and Vesta on Neptune (Downloads straight from the Goddess)!!  These folks have astrologers for sure, or they’re remarkably in tune.  People are telling me they’re having experiences similar to my Tulip adventure, where their Limiting Beliefs “flash before their eyes” – the most effortless Ego Death I’ve ever experienced, by far.  I’m heading back out to see what other Gifts “my” Tulips have for me, let alone “my” Akebias!  Mind-blowing, or rather, skeptic-devastating.

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