Many Hands

FSQ2Another Flying Squirrel

  ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ 

Another Perspective to add to our Both/Ands, from…

  ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ 

“The Intersecting Dimensions: Magnetic Anomalies

“Huge jumps in the magnetic aspect of the Shift took place during the Equinox – Blood Moon Gateway.  Remember the personal, planetary, and collective veils are directly related to magnetics.  Many of you may be dazzled by, or concerned about, the visible activity of the higher realms around you at the moment.  There is a lot of movement in the astral/4D as the magnetics adjust.  Entities, programs and collective constructs which were trapped in that realm are being released in a stronger, more vivid way.  The removal during the last Gate was a bit ruthless; anticipate that showing up in the collective reality soon.

One of the goals of Light Service is to ensure that the collective does not wake up in a nightmare, hence the consistent clearing and transmutation of the past.  Now that a core magnetic shift has occurred, that work runs on auto-pilot.  You may support collective clearing if that is your role – however it will distract you from bringing in the Cosmic Christ if you are involved in Gatework this year.  You do not have to engage with low 4D at all; the mass exodus is not judgment, it is merely a side-effect of the new light.  As mentioned before; you will have to look beyond that activity when communing with 5D and above.  It is what it is, don’t focus on it.

“Even though there are seemingly thin veils at the moment – personal, collective, and planetary – know there is much more to come.  As expressions of your reality – lower and higher vibrational fields/dimensions – merge during the Shift, your self-imposed veils reveal layers of energies, truths, beliefs, and collective coping mechanisms for dealing with density.

“Understand that a full exposure to the realities without veils would overload your body, mind and emotions.  The old light magnetics of Gaia allowed for illusion, or veils, to be placed between dimensional expressions.  This is why there is a gradual lifting, now rapidly increasing due to planetary adjustments to the photonic light influx.  Collective agreements are dissolved by those willing to do the work, which energetically allows collective veils to be removed.  Practice, focus, practice.  The awakened and Ascending collective has tremendous power.  Please use it wisely.  This is an era of Responsible Creation.”

(Thanks to SoulSpeak – – for the introduction.)

  ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ 

The magnetics will pull each of us in different directions.  So while it’s Both/And it may not be six of One and half a dozen of the Other, it may be ten of One and two of Another.  And it never hurts to move from Heads or Tails to the “Coin.”  So in our previous post we were Bothing Awareness of Dystopia And Focus on Sustainability.  Sandra Walter in the above Channeling offers us one possible Coin: “It is what it is, don’t focus on it” – excellent advice.  Detachment is the first necessity for Compassion, no matter which direction we’re pulled.  But you want to be Aware of the “bad news,” so you can contribute to raising the Consciousness of someone you encounter who’s bought into the Lie.  Or not, depending on where you’re pulled.

The chart above – another Flying Squirrel – is short-lived, since the Moon makes up its right hand, but it’s prophetic.  The Yods point to the North Node – our Mission – and Juno – the Growing Edge of Consciousness.  But the head of the Squirrel, the focal point of the whole Configuration, is the impending (April 16) Initiation of Vesta by Neptune – a Change in our Unconscious Beliefs about our Culture.  So the “bad news” in our previous post may be useful to have in mind, so we can perhaps add some of the Changes to the Growing Edge of our Consciousness.

The Neptune-Vesta Initiation is in the Gemini Duad of Pisces.  In this Duad we’ve already Embraced or Projected the core of our Held Emotions or Karma.

If we’ve been Embracing our Rejected Emotions, we’ve since burned their core away, found our Grounding, and now we’re opening up to all of its tendrils, subsidiaries, and associations, so we can Embrace those.  It’s an analytical interlude, a treasure hunt. 

If we’ve been continuing to Project our Undesirable Emotions, and we’re still focused on what they did to us, then we’re being given a second chance to loosen our grip on this Karma.  From this view, the “bad news” in the previous post is a Paper Tiger that we’ve created to shield ourself from Responsibility.  We would Take Responsibility by seeking any place where we’re a Victim of our Culture, Embracing that Victimized part of ourself with Compassion (“You poor kid, they’ve beat you up, haven’t they.”), and being Open to dialog with them, without Judgment.  We don’t want to correct them, we want to Listen to them, get to know them, understand them.  They may be legion.

The body of a Flying Squirrel is a Square Fez, and the Squares in a Square Fez are resolved by moving to Curiosity as recommended by the diagonal Quincunxes, which Curiosity liberates the Grace in the Trine and Sextiles that complete the Fez and Squirrel.

The Squares are Mars to Juno – the Edge between Fantasy and Desire – and Moon to North Node – the Challenge to Follow our Bliss.  The Quincunxes are Moon to Juno – I Wonder how I can distinguish my Guidance from What I Want?!? – and Mars to North Node – I Wonder what Actions will bring me closer to my Mission?!?

So our recipe for the next several days is Curiosity about Action, Guidance, and Mission.  Remember that when Neptune is lit up, viewing the World through Material eyes creates Confusion; viewing the World through Spiritual eyes creates Clarity.  If you’re expert as sitting with Confusion, without having to resolve it, fine.  Otherwise, whenever you feel like you know what to Do, or what to Want, or where your Guidance is leading you, laugh it off.  If you make a Decision or succumb to Certainty before April 16, you’ll be Creating a Future based on cementing your Past into place.  Stay with “I Wonder how all this will evolve?!?”

One Response to “Many Hands”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    I love your Coin. My experience is that any work purifying ‘my’ consciousness (including any ‘bad news’ that enters my awareness), and thus contributing ‘my’ grains of sand to the collective is, at one and the same moment, bringing in more awareness of Unity Consciousness (in all Its 10,000+ Names) to the collective, and versa visca. Not seeing a need to draw a dichotomy there. How that’s going to manifest at any given moment depends on how the moment is manifesting with(in) me. Also, given the Neptunian Bardo that we’re collectively navigating at the moment, I’d be hesitant to aver that anything is ‘running on auto-pilot.’ Humanity has had moments of awakening before … never, perhaps like this … but my feeling is: “All Hands on Deck! Doing whatever Work you’re pulled to!” Stakes are too high this time around.

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