The 4.13-19 Grand Sextile

IMG_1376      The picture shows the Grand Sextile, the Vesta-Neptune Diamond Star, and the Mars Diamond Star.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

The six corners of the Grand Sextile (Great Grace, once we take the First Step) in the first Decanate of the Dynamic Signs (Intuitive Creative Action) include…

  • The Nodes (Linear Time) at 10 Degrees of Aries (South) and Libra (South)
  • Saturn Retrograde (The Most Important Thing in the Long Term) at 5-4 Degrees of Sagittarius
  • Ceres (Sustainability and Elimination of the Unnecessary) at 3-5 Degrees of Aquarius
  • Juno (The Edges of Consciousness) at 7-8 Degrees of Leo
  • Venus (Walking in Beauty) at 3-10 Degrees of Gemini

The two Diamond Stars (Motivation without Roadblocks), which we’ll take up soon, create a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) pointing at the North Node.

The result of our new Adventures will be greater Attention to our Missions.  We won’t really know what we’re Doing or why we’re Doing it until after we start, but it’s important to follow our Instinct to Do, to dive in with both feet without knowing our destination, Trusting that we will be Guided as we go.  Change requires Grief, as we Lose what we’ve become accustomed to as the Ground of our Being.  Embrace Confusion and Grief as signs that you’re on the right track, not indications that you’ve gone astray.  You don’t need to grasp Confusion and Grief, but don’t sidestep them either.  Just be Present with them, Lovingly, and they’ll shift into Guidance quickly.

You can see the two Grand Trines (Dumb-Luck Grace) and the three Mystic Rectangles (Successful Response to Challenge) embedded in every Grand Sextile.

The three Oppositions that drive the Mystic Rectangles include

  • The Nodal Axis – our Mastery of the Past in preparation for the Future
  • Venus Opposite Saturn – Compassion versus Control
  • Juno Opposite Ceres – Bringing into Consciousness roadblocks to Sustainability

Of course we resolve all Oppositions and Contradictions by shifting our Attention to “the Coin” rather than the heads or the tails.  The three Coins in the fountain here are Linear Time, Detachment, and Sustainable Consciousness.

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    I definitely resonate with this guidance as we “fill in the grave and then turn away”….with peace..

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