Retrodirt, Glycola, and Much More Orthorexia


Two particularly good presentations in today’s Home Grown Food Summit.  They’re only online until 6am PDT April 8, so act quickly (, and don’t miss the second just because the first is so fascinating. 

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First, Sally Fallon on Weston Price’s work…

What we’ve been learning from the likes of the Diabetes Summit, is the most recent research that counteracts the propaganda put out by the agribusiness-drug-government cartel.  These two presentations bring us the other end of the scale – wisdom from before Fascist Food.  One important addendum to Sally’s presentation – her page contrasting Dr. Price’s dietary suggestions to paleo strategies…

And don’t forget that none of these diets is right for everyone; we all have different dietary needs, as Joan Borysenko so adroitly presents in her book The PlantPlus Diet Solution: Personalized Nutrition for Life.  But each dietary strategy holds important kernels of information for all of us.

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Second, Katrina Blair has a wonderful presentation on edible “Weeds,” where she describes thirteen different edible and healing volunteer human-companion plants that grow Worldwide…

Not to be missed.

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And, I found this last short item in my Drafts folder – forgot that I was interrupted before sharing it, as it’s priceless.  Is Glyphosate – the FDA-approved antibiotic and herbicide in RoundUp that’s used on GMO crops as a weedkiller and on many other crops as a “desiccant,” to dry the plants and make harvest easier – safe?

Unfortunately, Glyphosate is also used on many non-GMO crops, like Wheat, and as an antibiotic it may be responsible for some of the digestive difficulties created by Wheat.  I’ve been telling folks to make sure they’re buying Cane Sugar if they’re buying non-organic Sugar, but Glyphosate is used as a desiccant on Cane Sugar as well, so forget that, make it Organic!

I’ve only begun taking it, so I can’t do much testafyin’ yet, but Dr. Perlmutter says that Lactobacillus plantarum is a particularly good probiotic for helping to heal the damage to the intestinal lining that Gluten and Dairy create…

Of course Gluten will continue to re-damage your intestinal lining as long as you continue to eat it.

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At 10am PDT April 8 ( there’s a presentation by Dr Benjamin Brown, ND on the Gut Microbiome.  Here’s Dr. Minich’s introduction…

“April 8th at 10 AM Pacific Time we have the pleasure of having Dr. Ben Brown LIVE talking about Gut Microbiome and Detox!  Ben is a naturopath, science writer and speaker.  He is a lecturer at the British College of Nutrition and Health and guest lectures at various educational institutions and in university settings.  Ben regularly speaks at major conferences and delivers continuing professional development courses on integrative medicine for health care professionals.

“Throughout his career Ben has had extensive clinical experience, maintaining a private practice in Australia and in London, England.  He has also worked in nutraceutical research and development for a number of leading global companies and is Technical Director at Viridian Nutrition.  He has served on advisory boards for integrative medical clinics and corporate wellness services. An established science writer Ben frequently contributes editorials, articles and research to integrative medicine publications and peer reviewed scientific journals. He is currently publishing his first book.”

I don’t know if it will be recorded.  If you’re interested, you can register (free) at…

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And finally, another big free “Summit” later in April on The Eat Real Food Health Summit, April 20-26.  Until the multinationals co-opt the process, these “Summits” seem to be replacing college educations, as the Summits are literally up to the minute like you’ll never find at college.  A few of the faculty I recognize and recommend on this one – Terry Wahls, Josh Axe, Deanna Minich, and Alejandro Junger.  Topics include MS, fibromyalgia, GMOs, gluten, thyroid, adrenals, cancer, Crohns, brain function, libido, pregnancy, depression, ADHD, hormones, autism, allergies, leaky gut, pets, acid reflux, weight, diabetes, and how all these things and more are related to what you eat and how it’s grown and processed!  Details and registration at…

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