4.19 Mercury-Mars and Pallas Stationary

IMG_1378The April 19 Mercury Diamond Star and Moon-Mars

By the time we get toward the end of the Grand Sextile and Vesta-Neptune halo, Mercury has replaced Mars at the apex of the second Diamond Star.  This means that by the time we get to the prime of our New Project Action opportunity on April 19, when the Moon crosses Mars, we now understand what’s going on pretty well.  The base of the Mercury T-Square (and the base of the earlier Mars T-Square and Diamond Star) is the Juno-Ceres Opposition.

So it should be pretty clear which of our Limiting Beliefs have released their grasp on us, giving us a solid notion of where our Energies will be most effective.

Saturn and the North Node form the underlying bowl of the Diamond Star, and the base of the Mercury Yod.  That is…

Our Energies should be tightly directed toward our Mission, and we should be clear enough about our course that we don’t sabotage ourself.

The other thing that’s going on April 19, and for that matter April 16-19, is Pallas Standing Still and turning Retrograde, at half-past 6pm PDT (http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pdt18.htm).

There will be Boundary issues here – Amends we need to make in order to recruit Cooperation from folks we previously rejected, or opportunities to exercise our new Skill at saying “No” that follows from our Yintegrity.  By now, with our underlying Unconscious Beliefs Transformed, and with a Diamond Star on our side, this should be no problem.

April finishes with a strong and persistent Jupiter Yod from Pluto and Vesta that should help us Expand into the new roles our Projects will Ask from us.

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    The light is always on as we get closer…we can breathe easier…love this guidance..a beautiful assistance …

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