Orthorexia and Beef

John Robbins gives us a long article on the varieties of Beef available to us…


It’s long, so I’ll summarize it for you…

  • Grass-Fed Beef is healthier for Humans
  • Grass-Fed Beef may or may not be Organic
  • Organic Beef may or may not be Grass-Fed
  • Grass-Fed Beef may not be easier on the environment
  • Everyone’s better off if we eat less Beef

Since Grass-Fed Beef is more expensive, an excellent strategy would be to spend the same amount of money and eat less Beef, but make it Grass-Fed.  John omits a couple of very important points…

  • What’s labeled “Grass-Fed” is usually “finished” on Grain, destroying the advantage; if it’s not “100% Grass-Fed,” you’re wasting your money.
  • If you have the opportunity to find out about the Pasture where the 100% Grass-Fed Cow was fed, ask whether it’s annual or perennial Pasture.  Many Grass-Feeding operations treat their Pasture the way they treat their Cornfields, plowing and replanting every year.  While annual Pasture is far better than feedlot, it’s lacking in Minerals compared to perennial Pasture.  Perennial Grasses and “Weeds” have much deeper roots, which retrieve from deep underground the Minerals you need for good health.  The Minerals end up in the Beef, and in you.  Michael Pollan says “You are what you eat eats.”  Annual plowing also disturbs the microbiota in the soil, allows more Water to evaporate, and creates more erosion.

Also, I’m not sure John’s attitude toward Fats is consistent with the latest research.  Here’s a couple of sources of more bleeding-edge research…



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