Garden Gate 4.07-08 – Chariklo and Jupiter

fluo5567bpA lovely indigo Fluorite Crystal – Calcium Fluoride – a profound Healer.

 We had the Grief/Terror/Ego Death portion of our Hylonome-Chariklo Dance on April 3; we get the good-cop version on April 7, at half-past 9am PDT ( for other time zones).  Hylonome and Chariklo are Centaurs – comet-like asteroids caught by the gravity of the Outer Gas Giant planets.  What a metaphor that is.  Of course this all operates in the Unconscious realm, but in the region that’s coming into Consciousness.

Chariklo is so codependent that after 125 years, her new Cycle with Hylonome begins in exactly the same Degree as the prior one.  Obviously this is a lesson that the Universe intended we should pick up on, if we have to do a remedial 125 years.  The Lesson is

“The Pope blessing the Faithful” 

This time around the new Pope seems to believe that the Faithful should include more than just the Elite and the Dogmatists.  On the surface, this anthem sounds hopeful.  But in fact, top-down hierarchical religions have always excelled at exploiting the People, not serving them.  Trickle-down Blessings includes a wafer and a sip of Grape juice, marginally better than the Libertarian version of “economics” that regained power in the US in 1980, and in much of the World far earlier than that.  Internal Colonialism, a station on the way back to Feudalism if we’re lucky or Co-Creative, back to Slavery if we aren’t.

Chariklo on her own symbolizes quite an incredible Blessing.  In her Cycle with Hylonome, however, the simplest interpretation is the demise of Privilege.  That can be a boon in some ways, if we’re talking about getting more trickle-down from the Elite.  More important, our own Privilege, however it manifests, is usually Unconscious.  As such, it limits us, because we don’t have the flexibility to respond to different circumstances with appropriate strategies.  A hallmark of the Unconscious is that we keep trying to apply the same reactions to all circumstances.  Sometimes they work; often they don’t.  Consciousness adds flexibility. 

But the demise of Privilege is an Ego Death, and feels like the threat of a “real” Death.  If we recognize it as an Ego Death, we can just embrace the horrible Feelings as best we can as Feelings, in the Body perhaps, without wasting our Anxiety believing all of the horror stories and dire outcomes that the current Ego and its ally the mind are predicting for us.  At any rate, go ahead and take advantage of the Charisma you’re likely to muster on April 6.  Accept its Gifts and enjoy the Grace, and we’ll deal with the other consequences later.

Jupiter meanwhile Stands Still on April 8, at 10am PDT (  That’ll add Grace and Good Fortune to April 6 and 7, and beyond.  This is very fortuitous, as during this time we’re also moving deeper into Embracing our True Self.  Nothing quite like a little positive reinforcement, as Chariklo and Jupiter will provide.  You can laugh off the horror stories and predictions of dire outcomes.  We’re being – nay, we have been – Transformed.  Let the old Ego die a good Death, take care of business one day at a time, let the Future Co-Create itself for now, and just let yourself be amazed and delighted at all the Surprises that’ll be unfolding soon.

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