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The Downside of Ixion

March 25, 2015

Here’s an essay about the fellow that the dwarf planet Ixion was named after…

If you end up tangling with anyone this week that fits this description – like a politician or a CEO or an MCP or a Republican or Libertarian – let me know.  Other than Ted Cruz, who vowed to eliminate Obamacare just as his wife was signing up for it, we already know about him.

Just as Mars can be Enervating as well as Energizing, to paraphrase Barbra, Ixion can indicate places where we might be psychopathic, or places where we maybe should be psychopathic or ruthless, like situations where we Empathize with an abuser.  Or the glaring absence of anything resembling a healthy version of narcissism – Self-Rejection.  Anybody having an Self-Rejection coming up this week?  We’ll be in the afterglow of Uranus-Pluto for a while yet, so most of us will have parts of our True Self that are still trying to come through but are still meeting Resistance from our Present-Moment Ego, the role we Believe we must act out in order to Survive, but also the persona that has turned their back on our own Truth.

Ixion, Pholus, and Quaoar

March 24, 2015


These are the three dwarf planets that are all Stationary this week.  A reader writes…

“A very long dream, during which I was visiting with Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward in their large, luxurious, condo somewhere.  I  evidently needed to take a leak and kept going from bathroom to bathroom, only to find that each toilet was overflowing with water, and, in some cases, well, you know… 

“I had researched the meaning of over-flowing toilets previously so was familiar with this symbolism.  Water = emotions.  Toilet = the need to release.  Crap = Krap/baggage, etc., etc., so I get that part.  But why the Newmans?  They were famously married for fifty years and he equally famously said he was faithful to her because ‘Why fool around with hamburger when you have steak at home?’

“That being said, there was some emotional baggage, because he had left his first wife, Jacqueline Witte, with whom he had three children under the age of seven, for Woodward, with whom he as having an affair while still married.  He reportedly said he never forgave himself for the betrayal of his wife and kids.  Any thoughts given the current astrological context???”

It makes total sense that an overflowing toilet would be about the need to release Emotional baggage, and that’s an excellent guess.  However, it’s never a good idea to interpret Dreams intellectually.  You have to Empathize into each player.  Imagine yourself Being the Water, Being the toilet, Being the overflowing biscuits.  The impact is likely to be different in each Dream.  Interpreting a Dream intellectually guarantees that you’ll miss the purpose of the Dream, because the intellect reinforces the bars on your Birdcage, and Dreams come from beyond the bars.  So the intellect works to prevent a meaningful interpretation of the Dream message.

Of course the intellect can negatively reinforce the bars.  Our notions of Wright and Rong are a big part of the Cage of our Limiting Beliefs.  Problem is, the World isn’t Dual, it’s Multifarious.  Ixion’s all about Wright and Rong – everything he did was Rong by Zeus’s standards, and by extension, by our standards.  Patriarchy standards.  But Ixion represented everything Rong with the Patriarchy, everything about pathological Privilege.  Ixion is a Plutoid, a TNO or Trans-Neptunian Object.  Planets up to Neptune, including the Centaurs, are by now semi-Conscious, while the Plutoids operate deep in the Unconscious.  There is no negation in the Unconscious.  So we have to move to the Coin.  Ixion isn’t about Wright or Rong, it’s about Judgment, especially Moral Judgment. 

In general, Morality is comprised of intellectual metaphors for Spiritual Principles.  But they’re intellectual.  We know that because they’re Dual, they’re Either/Or, not Both/And.  There is a litany of Moral Judgments in the Dream – as described.  Any one of those Moral Judgments is a doorway into the Unconscious Contents that are Asking to surface into Consciousness.  The stronger the Moral force of the Judgment, the more productive the exploration of the Portal.  Welcome to the Field that Rumi invited us to meet him in.  The Field of Growing Consciousness. 

Ixion’s Station, at 24 Sagittarius, isn’t that far from Pallas, which along with Neptune forms the base of the Juno Quintile Yod.  So the Big (Yod) Lesson (Quintile) is about growing the Edges of Consciousness (Juno), and specifically about growing beyond our Limiting notions of Cultural (Neptune) Boundaries (Pallas), particularly Moral (Ixion) Boundaries.

Let’s re-describe the Dream without all of the intellectualizations that our Reader has already wrapped around it…

“I was visiting Cool Hand Luke and his Main Squeeze in a luxury condo, but when I had to pee the toilets were all overflowing.”

I know, I’m kidding about Luke, I really meant Butch Cassidy.  I’m injecting my own intellectual interpretations here, just for fun.  There’s a lot of room for Free Association in Dream interpretation, and what I’ve been calling intellectualizations may actually be Free Associations, which could be useful.  We could also be talking about Fig Newmans, or Newman-Os.  We could go in a million different directions with Paul, because he portrayed many public personas, and we probably all feel like we know Paul himself, as a composite of all those public roles.  It’s up to our Dreamer to Empathize themself into their own images of Paul (and Joanne), to see what insights pop out of their body when they Imagine acting out their most-relevant-seeming personas, or when they actually act them out.

In my own Imagination (which has nothing to do with our reader’s Dream – it’s just an example), Cool Hand Luke was a lot like Ixion, except that we admired Luke’s Self-Sovereignty or Yintegrity (Lilith-Yintegrity is Biseptile to Ixion and Novile to Juno).  He was Immoral and we admired it – a common theme in the movies and among movie stars.  Butch was cut from the same cloth, but more nuanced and vulnerable.  I don’t know Joanne.  I’ve never seen The Three Faces of Eve, her most famous role, but it seems to echo similar themes of Black and White, though in this case Black and White and Jane.  You know me well enough that I don’t need to talk about what my Imagination does with a luxury condo.

But what about the Water and toilets and biscuits?  If I imagine myself to be Water overflowing a toilet, it feels like being Liberated from constraints.  Toilets constrain what we don’t want running freely about the house, especially including the biscuits – quite Ixionic actually.  But haven’t we been Liberating all manner of Selves whom we’ve been constraining because our programmers didn’t want them running freely about the house, as we’ve worked through Uranus-Pluto?  When I Imagine myself having to pee, I’m transported back to pre-potty training, when I could pee freely whenever the urge arose.  More Liberation, and a hint about where we might look to find the Emotional (Water) Holding that the Dream seems to want us to break through?  Dunno, it’s not my Dream, but that’s what I’d have done with it if it were. 

As far as Pholus goes, Blame and Morality are kissing cousins.  Blame is bigger, but our most condemning Blame is usually Morality-based.  Any connection between Blame and our Dreamer’s orientation toward Relationship?  Their Associations betray a somewhat Blameworthy but also somewhat ambiguous perspective toward Paul’s approach to marriage and fidelity, and perhaps some Blaming around their own potty training.  We’ll talk more about Blame later.

How about Quaoar?  What could he have to do with it?  Quaoar was the Lawgiver.  The Laws he handed down were really recipes for Survival – the “penalty” for not following his rules was that folks would have to go back to “eating clay,” as they’d done before Quaoar came along and told them how to nurture healthful Food.  Humans seem to need Laws, they don’t seem to be able to look after their own Survival, they’re too willing to burn the shingles to keep warm without thinking about how cold the house gets when the walls are gone.  Unable to connect consequences with Actions, Humans need the force of Morality or punishment to enforce rules that function the way they intend.

Other than this rather remote connection, I don’t see any Lawgiver speaking loudly through this Dream, unless our Dreamer’s programmers treated their potty training as a matter of crime and punishment.  Our Dreamer could also have some circumstances in their Karmic Experience that equates fidelity with Law, but we don’t know that.  Using astrology as a method of interpretation rather than prediction allows us to explore these questions.  We don’t want to wear any shoes that don’t fit, but if we didn’t know that Quaoar was Stationary, we wouldn’t have a reason to Ask these questions – which may or may not be relevant.  Given that Quaoar is about Survival, does the flooding in the Dream have any implications about Global Balming?  Have we been feeling any Empathy for Vanuatu? 

Do the Degrees of the Stations provide any clues?  The three Stations are within a few Degrees of one another – Ixion at 24 Sagittarius, Pholus at 27 Sagittarius, and Quaoar at 29 Sagittarius, all in the Leo Decanate of Sagittarius.  The Leo Decanate is about burning through layers of Identity, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see important Dreams arising.  This would suggest that we want to take the Dream pretty seriously, as the Liberation it might provide could be Powerful.  The Stations Oppose our reader’s Vesta, which would aver that productive Attention to the Dream message might break through self-sabotaging Beliefs or Unconscious Dogmas.  The Degrees are

  • Ixion – “A bluebird perched on the gate of a cottage,” suggesting that the Dream’s Release could Liberate Happiness
  • Pholus – “A sculptor at his work“; maybe choosing to sculpt a Life out of Blame or out of Responsibility
  • Quaoar – “A fat boy mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street“; perhaps some connection with the luxury condo

I’m always intrigued by the approach of Indigenous Australians, that the Dreamtime is not metaphorical but quite Real, and perhaps Parallel to our usual consensual “Reality.”  In this Perspective, our Dreamer is exploring the Land of the Dead, where different Rules apply.  If it were my Dream then, I’d Ask what close friends or relatives on the Other Side may be trying to speak to me.  And what if I, in a Parallel, was actually on drop-by terms with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward?  Would that change my Perspective on my place in the World?  That change might be exactly what I need to shift, in order to take the next step toward my Mission, or in the Manifestations I’m working on.


March 23, 2015

Soulspeak kernelizes today’s and tomorrow’s Energies in

At 4am PDT on March 25 (, the Centaur Pholus is Stationary turning Retrograde.  Pholus is about Blame.  We often refer to the Energy of Pholus as inappropriate Blame, because he was Blamed for failing at a Responsibility that was really beyond his ability to humanly or equinely control.  But really Blame is never appropriate, as Soulspeak eloquently describes.  She’s also beautifully wrapped both Yintegrity (last week’s Uranus-Pluto wrapup) and Self-Hate (Ixion) into her description of goings-on At the Table (even her mention of Dragons fit in, as Dragon is an alternate name for the Nodal Axis, which Pluto Squared as it Squared Uranus).

And here’s a fabulous story about Healing the Ixionic Self-Hate…

Right out of Brandon Bays’s playbook!


March 23, 2015

zinn8439bpZinnwaldite from the Zinnwald or “Tin Forest” on the border between Germany, Poland, and Bohemia.  A complex Potassium Lithium Iron Aluminum Mica, it’s the most Liberating mineral I know of.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

For the last few days and the next few hours (till 8am PDT March 23, more or less – see for other time zones), the dwarf planet Ixion is Strong (Stationary turning Retrograde).  Ixion is about Healing the Self-Hate that we’ve developed as a result of seeing ourselves through the eyes of the rules and Expectations that our Culture and Families of Origin have had for us.  In the Unconscious there is no negation, only dimension, so Good is the same as Bad, and Up is the same as Down.  It’s the Coin thing – when we get stuck in the Dualistic mind, we need to remember to Attend to the Coin rather than heads Either/Or tails.  So if on the Soul level we want to develop a particular Skill in a Lifetime, often we choose a Family of Origin that will suppress that Skill in us.  That way we can’t help but end up paying a lot of Attention to the Coin, and once we flip out of Duality, the Skill can bloom.

Of course, along the way, we can’t help but notice that we’re good at this Skill, but since everyone else hates it, and we’re it, we must be hateful.  Then, once we flip out of basing our Identity on how well we perform, and start to Attend to Yintegrity instead, one of the Portals we have to pass through is Healing this Self-Hate.  Sometimes the death of a parent can feel Liberating, because the external voice of Expectation has stopped.  Or when we move to the other corner of the country, or even a different country.  But of course we’ve internalized the voice, and we still need to deal with that.

It’s becoming obvious that the future of Healing is converging on the notion of clearing negative epigenetics out of individual cells, and these Skill-suppressing rules and Expectations – which have become Self-Hate – join Trauma, Karma, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals as flavors of negative epigenetics.  Genetics is about the Genes we got passed down to us from the Ancestors; epigenetics is about which of those Genes gets switched on or off by our environment.  Genetics is “Nature,” epigenetics is “Nurture.”  Turns out Nurture is the stronger of the two, because with the right techniques we can manipulate our Genetics.  A while back we mentioned Nilima Baht and her Cancer-Healing meditations, for instance…

We’ve been using meditations #5 and #6 with success, along with the “Truth Yantra” (mandala) that she links to at the bottom of the page.  The other meditations sound intriguing as well, especially #4, since March 22 was International Day of Water, but I haven’t tried them yet.  Now it turns out a book with a comprehensive description of these Healing processes has fallen into my lap, The Journey, by Brandon Bays.  On p.156 she quotes Marianne Williamson, from Marianne’s book A Return to Love

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous’  Actually, who are you not to be?

“You are a child of God.  Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.  There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won’t feel insecure around you.  We are meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

And on p.110 she quotes W.B Yeats…

“We can make our mind so like still water that beings gather about us to see their own images, and so for a moment live a cleaner, perhaps even fiercer, life because of our quiet.”

You know what it feels like to be in the presence of a Saint. 

Like the Butterfly in China who, flapping her wings creates a tiny vortex that with resonance can grow into the Hurricane of Chaos Theory, we can create our own microclimate of Freedom and Power and Ecstasy.  When enough of us flap our wings, when fifty of us move beyond 8-by-10 color glossies and start a movement, or a hundred of us start washing the glyphosate off our food-like substances, we can create our own Yintegrity-Storms to counteract the Fear-Storms that the Lizards send out.

The Ixion discovery chart has many Strong features, but the Strongest is a Winged Yin Gate focused on Ixion itself, which is Conjunct Pallas and Quaoar.  Ixion is Retrograde at Sagittarius 6, “A game of cricket,” and the Winged Yin Gate is in the first Decanate of the Signs.

A Yin Gate is a Golden or Mystic Rectangle with planets at the Midpoints of the shorter sides of the Rectangle.  The Midpoint planets receive overlapping Yods from the corners of the Golden Rectangle, forming an XX pattern.  The Golden Rectangle is driven by the Oppositions between the corners.  The Yin Gate is driven by the Yods.  A Winged Yin Gate forms when a Kite overlays the Gate, so that the top of the Kite is one of the Midpoint planets.  A Winged Yin Gate is driven by the planet at the top or Focus of the Kite, as abetted by the other Yod and the Oppositions, and of course the Grand Trine.

In this case, Ixion rules his own Discovery chart, with co-rulers Pallas (Boundaries) and Quaoar (Law-Giving).  The tail of the Kite (ie, focus of the second Yod) is Sun-Saturn (Laser-Like Focus).  Self-Sovereignty, with little compromise, in other words.  The Oppositions in the Mystic Rectangle are the Nodal Axis (Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going) and Vesta (Belief) Opposite a Conjunction of Pholus (Over-Reponsibility and Blame) with Hylonome (Grief unto Ego Death).  Even less compromise.  The Wings, or other corners of the Grand Trine in the Kite, are Neptune (Culture, Material Confusion, Spiritual Clarity) and Haumea (Rebirth).

The Kite in a Winged Yin Gate fills four points of a Grand Sextile, and a Mystic Rectangle fills four points of a different Grand Sextile, in the same degrees.  In this case the Kite is Dynamic, and the Rectangle Dynamic.  There is a fifth point in the Magnetic partial-Grand-Sextile, Chariklo (Charm and Beauty), leaving a powerful Vacancy at 6 Pisces, “A parade of army officers in full dress.

Another prominent Configuration in the Ixion discovery chart is five-sixths of a Dynamic Grand Sextile at the Midpoints of the Signs.  The Vacancy is 18 Libra, “Two men placed under arrest.”  The extant planets are Pluto, Lilith Conjunct a Stationary Uranus, Venus Conjunct Eris, and the Vertex.  A Grand Trine is nestled into three of the other six Sign Midpoints, between an Out-of-Bounds and Stationary Makemake, an Out-of-Bounds Nessus, and a Stellium of Sedna, Moon, and Juno.  Were it not for the Winged Yin Gate, we’d call Makemake the ruler of the chart.  The Yod to Makemake has a base of Lilith-Uranus (Yindependence and Yintegrity) Sextile to Venus-Eris (Walking in Beauty and Exposing Denial).  That’s a very powerful Yod.


March 21, 2015


In a few hours (8am PDT March 21; see for other time zones) the dwarf planet Eris (Exposing Denial) Initiates Mars (Action), at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress,” starting a new two-year Cycle.

It’s going to be hard to hide things for the next couple of years, so we may as well start practicing forthrightness now.  I mean, speaking our Truth is a big part of  the Yintegrity work we’ve been doing for that last few years anyway.  Several times lately, when I would usually have just kept quiet so as not to waste more time on those old arguments and judgments again, expecting someone to criticize, I’ve decided, okay, it’s Yintegrity time, I better speak up.  And when I did, the expected criticism didn’t arise.  Time to examine all of our Expectations, invoke our Curiosity, and try out more Truthspeaking than we otherwise would.

You know how much you’ve Changed in the last three years – give other folks a chance to demonstrate how much they’ve Changed.  Expecting Others to continue to lead with their Limiting Beliefs just keeps The Shift underground longer.  In this new province, we’ll all be better off agreeing to disagree than by continuing to pretend not to disagree.  Which implicates our Actions as well.  Since we’ll have a hard time hiding the results of our Actions, we may have to consider the consequences before we Act, rather than after.

You may remember that Plutoid dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth) Opposed Eris not so long ago, a Blooming of their 1831 “Big Bear sitting down and waving all of its paws” Initiation.  They’re still only half a degree from their Opposition.  What if one manifestation of this Big Bear is Racism.  Brazil forbade Slavery in 1831, and opposition to Slavery in the US began to heat up then.  In many ways Europe is living with the delayed consequences of its Colonialism and the Racism embedded in it.  India’s dealing with deep-seated Sexism.  We could even extend that to Inequality of all manner, including the Mass Extinction we’re in the middle of Co-Creating.  We could see this Cycle as the Birth of the end of Denial around Inequality.  There’s an about-to-become extinct species, sitting there waving its paws, “Yoohoo, I’m here too.  Don’t forget me”

The Plutoid dwarf planet Ixion (Unbridled Desire) makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across this Opposition.  Another side of Unbridled Desire is If you ain’t got nothin’ you got nothin’ to lose, which is the position many victims of Inequality are increasingly finding themselves in, making their rebellion harder to stop, and making embedded Inequality harder to continue to Deny.  The Haumea-Ixion Sextile is also the base of a Finger of God pointing at the probably dwarf planet Sedna (Fear and Actions perpetrated under the influence of Fear).  While Pluto takes 250 years to orbit the Sun, Sedna takes 11,400.  It’s waaay out there, and what little is known about it suggests that it’s unlike other dwarf planets.

So we’re looking at Actions perpetrated under the influence of Fear becoming harder to hide and find excuses for, and bringing Xenophobia out into some degree of Consciousness where it can be examined as something a bit more consequential than a camp song on a fraternity bus.  Power is obviously involved here, but does Power evolve as a response to Fear?  Is Power necessary when there is nothing to Fear?

The final link to Mars-Eris in our map of March 21 and the two years to follow is an Octile (Rebalancing) to Neptune (among other things, Culture).  The Quintile (Learning) from Neptune to Pallas (Boundaries) is the base of the Quintile Yod (Pay Attention to Learning This) pointing at Juno (the Edges of Consciousness).

So there may be hope for Racism, Colonialism, Sexism, Egotism, Species Extinction, and other forms of Inequality and Exploitation, to come up into Consciousness here.  In the Unconscious, they can only be the subjects of Rhetoric and Distrust.  As they move toward Consciousness, they invite examination and revision.

More Eqclipsinox

March 19, 2015

diopt8931bpA brownish Cerussite Crystal (Lead Carbonate) nestled into the center of a bed of emerald-green Dioptase Crystals (Copper Silicate).  Dioptase invites Magnetic Magic while Cerussite connects the Crown Chakra to Source.

  ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞ 

I’ve discovered an error; the Eclipse is at half past 2am PDT March 20 ( and I’ve been saying that the Equinox is an hour later, but it’s not, it’s thirteen hours later, at quarter to 4pm PDT (  I’ve been misreading the am/pms.  Here’s a non-Coca Cola website that’ll have a live broadcast…

starting at half past 1am PDT.  Anything’s gonna be better than the horrible Live (sic) Astro-Events that Coke’s been sponsoring since the Venus Transit in 2012.

  ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞ 

Bonnie adds,

“And the secret must be broadcast at last: What we call ‘emotion’ is the ‘living connective tissue’ of All-of-Life in a domain, as Darin says, that we have neither name nor model for.  When we are in love, in joy, in awe and wonder, we are experiencing ourselves connected to this ‘living connectivity’.”  (see

I’d add “in Curiosity” to the list.

  ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞ 

And SoulSpeak (as she of all folks would) guides us to one of the most Powerful, if not The most Powerful, Healing Meditation I’ve ever heard.  It would be a fabulous way to meet the Equipse or the Ecualnox, or just to Celebrate our Uranus-Pluto graduation, as if Healing needs an excuse.  It takes an hour; find a place to lie down near your computer speakers, and bring plenty of Kleenex…

Find SoulSpeak’s fount of wisdom at .

  ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞ 

And Elizabeth points out that we might want to mention some of the other dramas unfolding as the Eclipsquinox unwinds.

For instance, Uranus and Pluto, even though the Square is past Exact, are still within ten arcminutes of one another…

So really, even though the burner has been turned off, it’ll be mid-May before the Yintegrity pot cools.  It will be lit up on March 21 and 27, April 4-8, 11, 17 and 24, and May 1 and 8, so you’ll have opportunity for remedial work if there are still things you need to get off your chest – especially after that Meditation!

The Uranus-Pluto Square makes a Major Tricolor with Jupiter during the Eclipse, and a Minor Tricolor with dwarf planet Chaos (Potential, not Disorder)

There is still more than enough Yintegrity Energy around for plenty of Life-Changing Breakthroughs.  Aim high.  I know, all your Life you’ve assumed that what you’d really Love isn’t possible.  But just for once, What if it Was?

There is a Quintile Yod pointing at Juno from Pallas and Neptune…

Some of the Bigger Breakthroughs will be surprising, as they’ll involve Learning how to change the way we set Boundaries in Social situations, so we don’t “give ourselves away” as much, or have to hide our True Self as much.  Who knows, we might be enlisting our Inner 2-Year-Old and start saying “No” to people.

And a Trine Fez between Juno, Saturn, Venus, and the Chariklo-Hylonome Conjunction…

If our concept of what it means to Walk in Beauty is Challenged by our Growth in Consciousness, we may find that there are More Important Things than pleasing everyone – like maybe, pleasing ourSelf.  All Losses must be Grieved, though, and we may have to Grieve the Loss of an Identity that was built on “Nice.”  Yintegrity may involve more Grief than Nice did, so it’ll be good practice for Mastering Grief.

Just to review some terms here, a Major Tricolor is a triangle made up of a Square, Quincunx, and Trine, while a Minor Tricolor is one comprising a Square, Quincunx, and Sextile.  Since we use red for Squares, blue for Trines and Sextiles, and green for Quincunxes, these Configurations end up in three colors.  You unlock the Grace in the Trine or Sextile, to neutralize the Challenge in the Square, by Attending to the relationship between the two Quincunxed planets with CuriosityA Sextile requires an initiatory Action to liberate the Grace.

A Trine Fez (so named because it’s shaped like the Turkish hat) is a parallelogram with a Square for a base, an Unx (Semi-Sextile) at the top, and Trines for sides.  The Challenge in the Square is dealt with by applying Curiosity to the relationships between each of the two kitty-corner planet pairs.  Here that’s Venus and Saturn (Walking Beauty and Priorities), and Juno and Chariklo-Hylonome (Edges of Consciousness and Grief over Loss of a Free Pass).

Total Eclipse of the Heart

March 19, 2015


Love Bonnie Tyler’s Janis-quality rendition of that song!  Not at all impressed by the video though – if you’re really Feeling that way you won’t be doing it with perfect hair and makeup – you’d be doing it the way Janis would have done it, after three days on whiskey.  The sound quality is great though, so ignore the visuals…

Someone (upon whom the Eqclipsinox is having a big impact astrologically) writes, “I suppose part of my feeling scared and insecure is around…” and as I started to answer I realized this is too important to not publish more widely.

“I suppose part of my feeling scared and insecure is around…” is an intellectualization – looking for a Cause for our Emotions, trying to Justify them or Explain them to ourself.  Maybe trying to tie them to some “Real”-World phenomenon so we can figure out how to Do something to fix them.  That’s may be a useful practice in some circumstances, but it’s not at all a useful practice until after you become a Master of Emotion, and you don’t become a Master of Emotion by intellectualizing them or Doing something to fix them.

“Scared and insecure” is a Feeling that occurs in the Body, that has nothing to do with what’s going on outside of us.  The word “Feeling,” as a synonym for Emotion, is ambiguous on purpose – are we talking about a Sensation in the Body, or an Emotion?  It’s Both/And.  The first step in dealing with any Emotion is to locate it in the Body (or the Aura), not in the mind.  “Thanks for contributing – I’ll get back to you on that” is the appropriate response to the mind’s well-intended efforts to distract you from the Emotion.

Emotions Grip us, and throw us out of our healthy Grounded and Centered stance.  I experience Anger as a grinding, a gritting, a tightness in the jaw.  I experience Fear as an almost nonphysical tingling all over my skin, or just above it.  Grief is a compression in the chest for me.  Anxiety is a tightness between the eyes and a persistent nagging banter.  How do you Experience these Emotions in your own Body?  That inventory is one of the first steps toward Mastery.  We need to learn to identify how we usually Experience each one of these Emotions – and their thousand variations – in our Body.  We need to Learn how to tell when we’re being Gripped by an Emotion.  Some clues…

  • How old am I?  If I feel like I’m 14 but my chronological age is 47, I’m in the Grip.  When I’m in the Grip at 14, I forget everything I Learned between 14 and 47.  So I don’t have possession of my full faculties.
  • When I’m in the Grip, do I habitually Withdraw, or Talk It Out?  Do I need to talk to my best friend, or do I need to not talk to anybody?  When a friend asks How am I, am I “fine”?
  • Am I Grounded, or am I Feeling nervous, overwhelmed, or scattered?  Do I Feel more Centered when I drop an “imaginary” (Energy) cable from the base of my spine to the Center of the Earth?
  • Ask myself what I’m Feeling.  If “I am Scared,” I’m in the Grip.  If my natural response is “I Feel Scared,” I’m probably not in the Grip.  Super-simple grammatical test, but pretty reliable.
  • Am I rehearsing Strategies?  Strategies to Protect, or to Get Even, or to Make Amends?  It’s the rehearsing that gives the Grip away.  Without the Grip, we’d just Do it, we wouldn’t need to rehearse.  To re-hearse means to carry the corpse away again.

When we’re in the Grip we’re Identifying with the Emotion.  It’s not us experiencing an Emotion, it’s an Emotion experiencing us.  We aren’t home, we’ve gone traveling, usually time-traveling.  We need to come home so we can Experience it as a Witness.  Personally, I’m pretty good at Witnessing Fear, and when I’m in its Grip, Tapping…

does a good job of re-Centering me, though I may need to Tap through several sequences before I get my skin to stop crawling.  I’m not nearly as good at Witnessing Anxiety or Anger – I can grind or helicopter on those for several days before I get a clue.  Our Mastery with each Emotion is different.

Once we’ve Detached our Identity from the Emotion, and re-Centered it on our adult Skillset, we can get on with solving whatever problem triggered our Exit, usually fairly easily.  Very often, once we get Grounded and re-Centered, we realize that the problem wasn’t actually Present-Moment, and there’s nothing at all that we need to Do about the intellectualized content we were attributing to the Emotion.  It would behoove to do a postmortem to see what we can Learn about our natural tendencies to leave Home in the presence of which Emotions, and what route we usually take when we leave Home, so we can recognize them sooner next time we start to Abandon ourself.

When we get back Home, when we start Feeling instead of Being, we can start to deal with the Emotion as an Emotion.  It’s in your Body, or if not within your skin, in your Aura.  Locate it.  Where is it in your Body?  If it’s multiple locations, choose one.  Focus your Attention into that place.  Embrace it, Soften it, Warm it.  Put your hand on it, or your arms around it.  Say Loving things to it, like you would to a child.  Don’t negate it.  It’s not “Don’t cry now” or “Shape Up!”, it’s “Oh, that hurts, doesn’t it.”  Stay with it till it melts or moves.  If it moves, follow it.  Some Emotions can take hours to work with, while we’re Learning to Master that Emotion.

  Š    Š    Š    Š    Š 

As we often say, Safety First.  When there’s a question about whether to Protect ourself or Expand ourself, choose to Protect first, then, once you’re Safe, then you can Expand.  If you try to Expand when you’re not Safe, there’s a high likelihood you’ll just be retraumatized, making it harder to Expand next time.  Mastering Emotion is an important part of Self-Protection and Self-Love.  We can’t Protect and Love ourself when we aren’t Home.

  Š    Š    Š    Š    Š 

Got all that?  If so, we can get down to the Meat of the Issue.  Emotions are not personal, they’re impersonal.  They’re like Wind or Barometric Pressure.  They travel around and they’re Contagious.  If you’ve ever seen a mob get Angry or Scared – or Blissed Out, you’ve seen the process at work.  A good rock concert, for instance, or even a classical concert, or a Revival meeting.  Music isn’t the only language of Emotion, but it’s certainly a powerful one.  So sure, it Feels like your Fear or Anger, it actually happens in your Body, but it’s not your Fear, it’s The Fear.  You’re just an antenna.  The Lizards use it to manipulate us.  Your nightly news is a fountain of it, as are our Slavemasters.

Our job as Lightworkers is to neutralize The Fear.  Until we gain Mastery around Emotion, we aren’t really Lightworkers, we’re just puffing ourself up and mouthing the words.  Neutralize Fear by taking it into your Body (if it’s not already there – which it almost always already will be), unGripping it, and smothering it with Love.  Embrace it, Empathize with it, relate it to your own personal Experience with it but Witness it without getting lost in it, Soften around it, Warm it, Follow it till it melts into a whimpering puddle.  Then you can lean back and have a cigarette.  And when you get good with Fear, you can tackle Anger.

If (or when) the scienterrific types could measure Emotions like they do barometric pressure, and if they were on “our” side, we’d have Emotional weather maps and forecasts, telling us when to take our Fear umbrellas or our Anger shades, when we need to throw more sandbags on the Fear-dikes, or plow the Rage-roads.  Before that happens, the scienterrific types will have to stop Identifying with Matter, detach themselves from its Grip, and Witness it.  That’s very dangerous, because from the esoteric Perspective Emotion is the glue that keeps Matter from disintegrating back into Energy and Potential.  The addiction to Matter is deeper than the addiction to mind.

Too far out for you?  It’s just one Perspective, one of many.  It’s Both/And.  The more Perspectives we have in our quiver, the more flexibility we have for dealing with whatever Life and the Lizards, and our Shadow, throw at us.

Surprise Angelic Celebratory Flair

March 17, 2015

This surprise X-Class Solar Flair arrived on Earth as the Angel pictured below it, to help Celebrate our Liberation…

flareX2Auroraphoto credits: NASA Goddard; Sebastian Saarloos.

Carl Jung, Kalessin, and Woody Allen

March 17, 2015


  ∇    ∇    ∇    ∇    ∇ 

Two very different approaches to Manifestation here, both excellent.  Bruce’s interview will expire around 11am PDT on March 19, and Alberto’s around 11am PDT on March 20 ( for other time zones), but if you don’t have time to listen and you want to do so, leave a comment to that effect and I’ll send a workaround. 

My own orientation toward Life is Jungian – that the bottom line of Life is a Journey toward Wholeness – so I resonate with Alberto’s approach.  On the other hand, Bruce’s description of the way Life works is exquisitely expressed.  I’ve always assumed that a Jungian orientation toward Life doesn’t apply to everyone, perhaps depending on the Sign of one’s Nodes.  Some folks just came here to have kids or play futbol or watch TV, and so be it.  Bruce’s keys to manifestation follow the Ego’s Desires.  Even if your Life orientation is a bit less hedonistic, do give Bruce’s suggestions credence, as they’re well researched, and I don’t believe Life will let you escape your Destiny, however it evolves.  Nothing wrong with Ecstasy, and nothing about Ecstasy prevents us from seeking Wholeness.  If it works, don’t fix it.

Bruce Lipton:

Alberto Villoldo:

In general, you can tell the difference between a Jungian orientation and a Freudian orientation by whether someone speaks of the Subconscious or the Unconscious.  To Freud the Subconscious was a dungeon where your various Demons are chained up.  To Jung the Unconscious is a Treasure Room from which your various Angels beckon.  Like Smaug’s den, compelling enough that we’re motivated to endure danger in pursuing it.  But then, that’s the Hero’s Journey from the Age of Aries.  What motivates the Aquarian Heroine?

Portal 3.17: The Fifth Dementia

March 17, 2015


Neptune Initiates Mercury at half past 1am PDT ( March 18.

An excellent time to remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  It means that our rigid Limiting Beliefs are beginning to break down, so we can start to see new vistas that have been till now hidden from us.  Sitting with Confusion, and just watching the hallucinations, is the best option.  The second-best option is to respond with Curiosity.  It’s exciting, really.  Remember when you were a kid and first discovered what was on the other side of that hill that dominated your horizon?

The Sabian Symbol is all about Competition.  Mercury lives in the analytical half of the brain.  Neptune lives in the other half.  So we can expect some Competition between our hemispheres.

Don’t fall for any Analytical dismissal of Intuition, nor any Intuitive rejection of Analysis.  Unless you always favor one or the other – in which case, align your Ego with the weaker of the two.  This is about Both/And, about each Weltanschauung respecting the contribution of the other.  If they must Compete, make it a friendly Competition.

The Initiation makes a slew of Angles…

  • Square to Saturn
  • Quincunx to the North Node, Unx to the South Node
  • Quintile to Pallas, Biquintile to Juno, and Decile to Uranus
  • Septile to Venus and Triseptile to Jupiter

Expect to be entertained when you try to set Priorities.  Don’t worry about the dissonance; no one else can figure it out either.

If we’re open to it we can Learn much about our Mission, and break through Patterns of self-sabotage, but to do so we need to exploit the available Curiosity.

This is part of our Yintegrity debriefing – adjusting the way we relate to Spirit and Culture, and adjusting the way we use mentality, so that they support our new way of Being in the World.  Experiment with tightening Boundaries that allow your Energy to leak out or inhibit your Truth, and loosening Boundaries between you and the New.

Great Grace is available if we stay Grounded and within our own Body.  It’s fine to Expand, but do so from a base of Self rather than from an abandonment of Self.  Stay at the center of your Expanded Field.