Reanimation of the Earth

I don’t know these folks, so I don’t have a personal recommendation, but the advance notice looks outstanding, and the sponsors have proven to attract Powerful folks.  Here’s part of the pitch…

“Do you want to experience the joy of opening to a more passionate, tender, and even erotic, relationship with life – one that truly embraces people, the Earth and all of reality as an expression of the Divine Feminine?

“If so, you’re going to LOVE this leading-edge session featuring two of the most respected scholar-mystics alive today, spiritual teacher Sally Kempton and mystic scholar Andrew Harvey.

“For this special event, they will be unifying their public teachings for the first time, all focused on how you can rediscover the Divine Feminine in your spiritual practices and in your daily life – unleashing a vast evolutionary power that benefits us ALL.”

It’s a live online event, at 5:30 pm PDT on April 1.  I’m not certain I’ve got all of my standard-to-daylight time conversions correct for all time zones at, so it would behoove to check something like

to find your local time.  The link below includes a time-zone converter, but you may have to try several approximations to your location before you find one that’s on their list.  Also, the pitch says “Pacific Time” – as an astrologer I’m acutely aware of the difference between PST and PDT, but I find that many people aren’t even aware that there is a difference, so I never trust anyone who doesn’t specify ST or DT.  To be sure, you might want to tune in an hour early, just in case.

Register (first name and email address only) in advance at…

The looong-term global trend that they’re referring to here is critical to our Survival.  I often call the trend “Reanimating the Earth,” but “Gender Rebalancing” probably communicates better to more people, since many folks have been forcefully separated from their understanding that Nature, the Planet, and all of Her Entities are Alive, and they haven’t Healed yet.  I regard it as the most important shift that the Planet is moving through.  What a perfect complement to the elevation of our Beliefs that we spoke of in Very Busy March 31 (

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