Pearl Mutterer


Kind of like the Horse Whisperer.  This is intense, technical, and you have to stay focused to get the meat, but it’s terribly informative.  If you aren’t a biochemist, you’ll need the skill of tuning out the technical material while staying alert for the nontechnical tidbits in between, but that’s a great skill to practice anyway, and I believe John Gray would tell us that learning what Dr. Perlmutter is teaching here will help us greatly with our ADHD.  If you’re interested in avoiding Alzheimer’s or diabetes, or good health in general, there are dozens of Pearls in here that are potentially Life-Changing.  I’ve listened to it twice already, and I’ll be studying the transcript to make sure I don’t miss anything.  It’s 50 minutes long…

I have no idea how long it will be online, but if you miss it and you’re interested, leave a comment and I can email you a pdf transcript and the PowerPoint slides.

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