Lawgiving, Boundaries, Identity

Boy, does Bonnie nail it here…

Lawgiving (Quaoar), Defending Boundaries (Pallas), Archetypes (Where can I get me a Cadillac car?  I don’t have it now but I can get it ummm get it – when was that, 1961?), and a link to Brené Brown’s TED talk on Shame…

which nails even more categories – Shame, Gender, Vulnerability.  Even though her Shame talk is already at almost five million views, it still wouldn’t load; I had to read the transcript.  Her Vulnerability talk has over nineteen million views.  Can you imagine needing a Cadillac – or a BMW or a Model S or a Deux Chevaux – to feel respectable? 

But we all have places like this, where some Archetype has overrun our True Self.  What’s ours?  What would we be Ashamed to be without, or like Hylonome not want to Live without?  This is an incredible opportunity to jump out of that straightjacket and fly Free.  The Universe is our wings this week.  And we only need to be Vulnerable with ourself, not with 500 strangers, or nineteen million.

And look at Indiana and Arkansas, with their pro-discrimination laws and their unshakeable Beliefs in their own spin, shooting themselves in both feet.  At least Cadillac, in some sense, must know that it’s hype.  Walmart telling the governor of Arkansas not to sign the law – Walmart!  I think the Planet may be Shifting!

2 Responses to “Lawgiving, Boundaries, Identity”

  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate and commented:
    Major changing going on…and shifting can get sticky…but shift it will….great sharing…

  2. Bonnie Says:

    “I think the Planet may be Shifting!” WOOHOO!!!

    The Lizards are overreaching, and the children are awakening.

    Stay focused, everyone: Gotta see this all the way through, and there’s no real sense of how long the road ahead may be. Just know that everything, everything, everything each one of us is doing within and between ourselves to birth and midwife this shift is an essential contributing factor. Essential.

    We’re doing this together, just as we were always meant to.

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