Busier Yet

IMG_1364Charming and Beautiful Amemones

I plum forgot to include the Station of Chariklo in our Even Busier Week post.  It turns Retrograde at twenty after 9am PDT (http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pdt9.htm) on April 7, at 3 Capricorn.  It’s part of the Pallas-Hylonome-Chariklo-Quaoar Stellium on the right hand of March 31’s Vesta Flying Squirrel, as we’ve described in the last few posts.  Hylonome and the Uranus Total Lunar Eclipse will dominate through April 4, but from then till April 8, Chariklo and Jupiter (which is Stationary the day after Chariklo is) dominate, along with the continuing emphasis on the Yintegrity theme as the Sun and Mercury work their way across Uranus.

Chariklo is about Charm and Beauty.  Her orbit is unusually circular and regular for a Centaur, and her Mythic namesake, Chiron’s wife, had the reputation for Charm and Beauty.

After our Eclipse-inspired discovery of new part(s) of our True Self, we will be Expanding rapidly, and literally Walking in Beauty.

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