Very Busy March 31

FlySqrlThe Flying Squirrel, gliding

The Drama on March 31 is intense, and it doesn’t lighten up much as we move into April.

Two Flying Squirrels, offset from one another by one Sign, plus a third Kite, all on cusps (representing Change) at 29-5 Degrees…

The Flying Squirrel is a Kite, where the crossbar of the Kite forms the base of a Square Fez.  While a Flying Squirrel is Energized by the Squares and the Grand Trine contributes Grace, it’s strongly focused on the top of the Kite, as the top of the Fez forms the base of a Finger of God whose apex is the top of the Kite, further emphasizing the Kite’s lead planet.  However, the diagonals of the Fez also form their own Fingers of God, pointing at the two planets atop the Fez.  So we have to grant the lead to the planet at the apex of the Kite, but without diminishing the roles of the two lieutenants.  Notice the asymmetrical five-pointed Star, symbol of Manifestation.  The sixth planet is much less prominent, yet without it we’d lose the Grand Trine and the Kite.  So we have to grant additional Powers to the sixth planet, operating behind the curtain.

First, a Vesta Kite peaking around 2pm PDT ( March 31 and six hours thereafter, with a halo starting about six hours before 2pm PDT and lasting for about twelve hours after 2pm PDT, as the Moon Opposes Vesta while Trining Mars and the Hylonome-Chariklo-Pallas-Quaoar Stellium.  Squares from the Stellium to Makemake, and from Mars to Juno, form the Fez and complete the Flying Squirrel.  Hylonome is Stationary.  Makemake and Chariklo are Out of Bounds.  This is the Flying Squirrel traced out in the picture above.

So much going on that it’s hard to find a central theme.  Your Limiting Beliefs will definitely be Challenged.  A Loss is inevitable, just because you’ll need to give up a favorite Limit that’s blocking what you’ve been trying to Manifest.  You’ve been Believing that this Limit Defines you, and (if you’re very lucky or very perceptive) you can see how this Identity and your Desire are in direct Conflict.  Which one will you surrender?  I hope you don’t give up your Dreams.  An Ego Death like this must be Grieved, but once you realize that it’s your Persona that’s Growing, and not your Self or Body that’s actually Dying, it’s actually a pretty easy Grief to endure.

The second Flying Squirrel isn’t drawn in above.  Imagine blue lines connecting Mercury, Saturn, and Juno, another blue line connecting Saturn to Makemake (“MM” on the picture), and a red spine from MakeMake to Mercury, and you’ll see the second Kite.  The Squares in the Fez connect Saturn to Vesta and Juno to Mars.  The only new players here are Saturn and Mercury, but the emphasis is entirely different, as the Kite and Yod point at the Out-of-Bounds Makemake rather than Vesta, and the Saturn-Vesta Square replaces the Makemake-Stellium Square.  This second Flying Squirrel, which peaked March 30, is a Portal that remains strong until about April 3, and open till around April 6.

There’s enormous support for choosing to Manifest your Deepest Desires here rather than choosing to defend obsolete Beliefs that aren’t even really yours – even if giving up the illusion of your “moral strength” may be temporarily painful.  Resolve that The Most Important Thing here is bringing your Beliefs into alignment with Current Moment Reality, and Embrace any Grief that results.

There are also many other Yods in this chart, including Quintile and Novile Yods to the North Node, a Quintile Yod to Juno, and a Septile Yod to Jupiter.

The third Kite is focused on Ceres – add blue lines connecting Ceres to Saturn and Mercury, and a red spine connecting Ceres to Juno.

Your Deepest Desires constantly evolve; you manifest something you Want, or part of it, and then you add another layer to the cake.  You discover something you don’t like after all, and you change the frosting from orange to chocolate.  But they don’t really change.  You still want the same cake you’ve always wanted, you just change the features.  Relative to Identity, Desire is permanent.  Identity should be fluid; if you try to go through Life being a platitude, you fall on your face fairly quickly.  Identify with your Desires instead.  Your Desires won’t Abandon you.

It’s an excellent time to review a timely quote from John Gray…

“Most of the problems people have in relationships (and life for that matter) are due to low levels of self love.

“Love, like life, travels in a circle.

“The more you love yourself, the greater freedom you feel to express yourself.  Then the more you express yourself, the easier it is for people to appreciate the real you and not simply the image you project.  Finally the more appreciation and love you receive, the more you can love yourself.

“This is a cycle of increasing love and honest self-expression. When you don’t love yourself, this cycle moves in the opposite direction of decreasing love and diminished self-expression.

“Here are four important steps to help you define what it means to love yourself and to help you feel self love in your life.

1. Appreciate yourself
“Many of us are taught from childhood that to appreciate ourselves is vain, and vanity is not good.  Modesty is an admirable quality, but we often do too good a job of being modest and therefore diminish our self-appreciation for those things that we have accomplished and do well.

2. Desire yourself
“We are taught to share early in life.  Again, this is an admirable quality.  The problem is that as we seek the love and acceptance of our parents and elders many of us become expert at self-sacrifice without learning that some of our dreams will only be accomplished if we focus on our own wants, needs, and desires.

3. Express yourself
“The effort to please your parents, family and friends often comes at the price of self-expression.  You become preoccupied with becoming like other people and surrender the chance to express your own uniqueness.  In time you learn to live with a sense of inner failure and frustration because you have buried your potential for success.

4. Be yourself
“If you experienced love being turned on and off to you as a child, you probably decided that your worth and goodness depends on your ability to please others.  Simply being yourself might have earned you little praise or recognition so you changed your behavior and actions…and yourself.

“Grow in love, John Gray”

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