Orthorexic and Proud of It


You’ve probably forgotten the official new diagnosis for someone with the “disease” of believing that good food is necessary for good health – orthorexia nervosa.  But if you watched and explored Ty Bollinger’s Truth About Cancer series, you’ll recognize Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger,” who has made it his business to research and summarize “do-it-yourself” health information from outside of the medical cartel.  Now Mike’s getting into the bottom line of health – Food.  He even has his own lab for testing food and other common household products for nutrition and toxins. 

He’s now creating a nonprofit to build, and provide free plans for anyone else to build, sustainable systems for growing nutritious food affordably and with very little effort.  Here’s his introduction…


If you want to build your own (or you can buy the parts from Mike), he’s suggesting use of a 3D printer and laser cutter – tools that can sculpt any three-dimensional shape from computerized plans (that Mike is giving away free).  Right, we all have 3D printers and laser cutters in our basement workshop, eh?  Well, that’s actually not so far from the truth for many of us – do a Bing search (Bing is a little less predatory than Google) for

“makerspace <your town>”

There is a growing subculture called the “maker” culture, where innovative folks get together and put together a lab space with an assortment of tools including 3D printers and laser cutters.  Here’s a review…


The culture is friendly, and folks will usually be more than happy to show you the tools and how to use them.  You may have to pay a membership fee to help support the lab, but once you begin to understand what you can do with the tools, you’ll have a hundred other ideas.  Any town with a college or technical school will have at least one makerspace, as will many places that don’t have a college. 

If you’re at all handy with tools, I’m sure you could put together your own sustainable minimum-input maximum-nutrition free-food system from scratch using just the ideas on the Food Rising video above.  Mike’s “Food Rising” home page is…


And his Health Ranger website is…


And we get to this whole subject through the interview with Mike on the Diabetes Summit…


which is excellent, and not just about diabetes.

And speaking of the Diabetes Summit, the interview with Ocean Robbins is also fabulous, and it’s also not just about diabetes, but about food and health in general…


Ocean is the grandson of the founder of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, and is now working with his father (John Robbins of Diet for a New America fame) on their own non-profit Food Revolution Network to identify what really goes on in the food-like substances that your local supermarket sells…


This last website is loaded with remarkable information – this is just one example…


3 Responses to “Orthorexic and Proud of It”

  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate and commented:
    Invaluable information..excellent sources..

  2. darshanamaya Says:

    I have a neighbor who is vigorously campaigning for people NOT to grow food in plastic. There is some evidence that sunlight degrades plastic, having some of it end up in the food. I would much rather schools were teaching people sustainable methods of growing in actual soil, using homemade compost and ancient additives like biochar. And not requiring bagged nutrients purchased from companies, where you don’t really know what is in it.

  3. astrobuss Says:

    Excellent point, darshanamaya! I hadn’t heard or thought about plastic pot degradation leaking chemicals into food growing in the pot, but it’s probably true. My gardening and healthy living magazines frequently have articles about school gardens. Though the articles don’t provide many details, the instigators are usually organic agriculture or permaculture organizations.

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