The Downside of Ixion

Here’s an essay about the fellow that the dwarf planet Ixion was named after…

If you end up tangling with anyone this week that fits this description – like a politician or a CEO or an MCP or a Republican or Libertarian – let me know.  Other than Ted Cruz, who vowed to eliminate Obamacare just as his wife was signing up for it, we already know about him.

Just as Mars can be Enervating as well as Energizing, to paraphrase Barbra, Ixion can indicate places where we might be psychopathic, or places where we maybe should be psychopathic or ruthless, like situations where we Empathize with an abuser.  Or the glaring absence of anything resembling a healthy version of narcissism – Self-Rejection.  Anybody having an Self-Rejection coming up this week?  We’ll be in the afterglow of Uranus-Pluto for a while yet, so most of us will have parts of our True Self that are still trying to come through but are still meeting Resistance from our Present-Moment Ego, the role we Believe we must act out in order to Survive, but also the persona that has turned their back on our own Truth.

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