Total Eclipse of the Heart


Love Bonnie Tyler’s Janis-quality rendition of that song!  Not at all impressed by the video though – if you’re really Feeling that way you won’t be doing it with perfect hair and makeup – you’d be doing it the way Janis would have done it, after three days on whiskey.  The sound quality is great though, so ignore the visuals…

Someone (upon whom the Eqclipsinox is having a big impact astrologically) writes, “I suppose part of my feeling scared and insecure is around…” and as I started to answer I realized this is too important to not publish more widely.

“I suppose part of my feeling scared and insecure is around…” is an intellectualization – looking for a Cause for our Emotions, trying to Justify them or Explain them to ourself.  Maybe trying to tie them to some “Real”-World phenomenon so we can figure out how to Do something to fix them.  That’s may be a useful practice in some circumstances, but it’s not at all a useful practice until after you become a Master of Emotion, and you don’t become a Master of Emotion by intellectualizing them or Doing something to fix them.

“Scared and insecure” is a Feeling that occurs in the Body, that has nothing to do with what’s going on outside of us.  The word “Feeling,” as a synonym for Emotion, is ambiguous on purpose – are we talking about a Sensation in the Body, or an Emotion?  It’s Both/And.  The first step in dealing with any Emotion is to locate it in the Body (or the Aura), not in the mind.  “Thanks for contributing – I’ll get back to you on that” is the appropriate response to the mind’s well-intended efforts to distract you from the Emotion.

Emotions Grip us, and throw us out of our healthy Grounded and Centered stance.  I experience Anger as a grinding, a gritting, a tightness in the jaw.  I experience Fear as an almost nonphysical tingling all over my skin, or just above it.  Grief is a compression in the chest for me.  Anxiety is a tightness between the eyes and a persistent nagging banter.  How do you Experience these Emotions in your own Body?  That inventory is one of the first steps toward Mastery.  We need to learn to identify how we usually Experience each one of these Emotions – and their thousand variations – in our Body.  We need to Learn how to tell when we’re being Gripped by an Emotion.  Some clues…

  • How old am I?  If I feel like I’m 14 but my chronological age is 47, I’m in the Grip.  When I’m in the Grip at 14, I forget everything I Learned between 14 and 47.  So I don’t have possession of my full faculties.
  • When I’m in the Grip, do I habitually Withdraw, or Talk It Out?  Do I need to talk to my best friend, or do I need to not talk to anybody?  When a friend asks How am I, am I “fine”?
  • Am I Grounded, or am I Feeling nervous, overwhelmed, or scattered?  Do I Feel more Centered when I drop an “imaginary” (Energy) cable from the base of my spine to the Center of the Earth?
  • Ask myself what I’m Feeling.  If “I am Scared,” I’m in the Grip.  If my natural response is “I Feel Scared,” I’m probably not in the Grip.  Super-simple grammatical test, but pretty reliable.
  • Am I rehearsing Strategies?  Strategies to Protect, or to Get Even, or to Make Amends?  It’s the rehearsing that gives the Grip away.  Without the Grip, we’d just Do it, we wouldn’t need to rehearse.  To re-hearse means to carry the corpse away again.

When we’re in the Grip we’re Identifying with the Emotion.  It’s not us experiencing an Emotion, it’s an Emotion experiencing us.  We aren’t home, we’ve gone traveling, usually time-traveling.  We need to come home so we can Experience it as a Witness.  Personally, I’m pretty good at Witnessing Fear, and when I’m in its Grip, Tapping…

does a good job of re-Centering me, though I may need to Tap through several sequences before I get my skin to stop crawling.  I’m not nearly as good at Witnessing Anxiety or Anger – I can grind or helicopter on those for several days before I get a clue.  Our Mastery with each Emotion is different.

Once we’ve Detached our Identity from the Emotion, and re-Centered it on our adult Skillset, we can get on with solving whatever problem triggered our Exit, usually fairly easily.  Very often, once we get Grounded and re-Centered, we realize that the problem wasn’t actually Present-Moment, and there’s nothing at all that we need to Do about the intellectualized content we were attributing to the Emotion.  It would behoove to do a postmortem to see what we can Learn about our natural tendencies to leave Home in the presence of which Emotions, and what route we usually take when we leave Home, so we can recognize them sooner next time we start to Abandon ourself.

When we get back Home, when we start Feeling instead of Being, we can start to deal with the Emotion as an Emotion.  It’s in your Body, or if not within your skin, in your Aura.  Locate it.  Where is it in your Body?  If it’s multiple locations, choose one.  Focus your Attention into that place.  Embrace it, Soften it, Warm it.  Put your hand on it, or your arms around it.  Say Loving things to it, like you would to a child.  Don’t negate it.  It’s not “Don’t cry now” or “Shape Up!”, it’s “Oh, that hurts, doesn’t it.”  Stay with it till it melts or moves.  If it moves, follow it.  Some Emotions can take hours to work with, while we’re Learning to Master that Emotion.

  Š    Š    Š    Š    Š 

As we often say, Safety First.  When there’s a question about whether to Protect ourself or Expand ourself, choose to Protect first, then, once you’re Safe, then you can Expand.  If you try to Expand when you’re not Safe, there’s a high likelihood you’ll just be retraumatized, making it harder to Expand next time.  Mastering Emotion is an important part of Self-Protection and Self-Love.  We can’t Protect and Love ourself when we aren’t Home.

  Š    Š    Š    Š    Š 

Got all that?  If so, we can get down to the Meat of the Issue.  Emotions are not personal, they’re impersonal.  They’re like Wind or Barometric Pressure.  They travel around and they’re Contagious.  If you’ve ever seen a mob get Angry or Scared – or Blissed Out, you’ve seen the process at work.  A good rock concert, for instance, or even a classical concert, or a Revival meeting.  Music isn’t the only language of Emotion, but it’s certainly a powerful one.  So sure, it Feels like your Fear or Anger, it actually happens in your Body, but it’s not your Fear, it’s The Fear.  You’re just an antenna.  The Lizards use it to manipulate us.  Your nightly news is a fountain of it, as are our Slavemasters.

Our job as Lightworkers is to neutralize The Fear.  Until we gain Mastery around Emotion, we aren’t really Lightworkers, we’re just puffing ourself up and mouthing the words.  Neutralize Fear by taking it into your Body (if it’s not already there – which it almost always already will be), unGripping it, and smothering it with Love.  Embrace it, Empathize with it, relate it to your own personal Experience with it but Witness it without getting lost in it, Soften around it, Warm it, Follow it till it melts into a whimpering puddle.  Then you can lean back and have a cigarette.  And when you get good with Fear, you can tackle Anger.

If (or when) the scienterrific types could measure Emotions like they do barometric pressure, and if they were on “our” side, we’d have Emotional weather maps and forecasts, telling us when to take our Fear umbrellas or our Anger shades, when we need to throw more sandbags on the Fear-dikes, or plow the Rage-roads.  Before that happens, the scienterrific types will have to stop Identifying with Matter, detach themselves from its Grip, and Witness it.  That’s very dangerous, because from the esoteric Perspective Emotion is the glue that keeps Matter from disintegrating back into Energy and Potential.  The addiction to Matter is deeper than the addiction to mind.

Too far out for you?  It’s just one Perspective, one of many.  It’s Both/And.  The more Perspectives we have in our quiver, the more flexibility we have for dealing with whatever Life and the Lizards, and our Shadow, throw at us.

3 Responses to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

  1. Gracie Says:

    Total eclipse of the heart is an extremely well written piece.  It speaks to learners and masters equally.  Bravo! Grace

  2. Bonnie Says:

    {Fireworks, in the presence of heartful, masterful genius. Yum.}
    Astonishing and powerful post. Thank you.
    And the secret must be broadcast at last: What we call ‘emotion’ is the ‘living connective tissue’ of All-of-Life in a domain, as Darin says, that we have neither name nor model for. When we are in love, in joy, in awe and wonder, we are experiencing ourselves connected to this ‘living connectivity’.
    I like and agree with what your saying about emotional weather and antennae; my current understanding also includes a personal aspect: Fear, anger, shame, etc, are our innate ‘alarm system’ – signaling us that we have ‘apparently lost connection with’ or are ‘moving away from’ the living connection to All-That-Is. We were never, ever meant to live endlessly in these painful emotions, but to respond to them as our hand responds to a hot stove: move away from danger. Turn back toward love, re-establish awareness of the connection that was never, ever lost.
    As you point out, those forces that have been running our planet for the last few millennia have capitalized endlessly on our lack of awareness of this domain. They’ve been ever ‘turning up the volume’ on shame, fear, rage (in all their variations) until we’re so traumatized that it’s almost … almost … all that we can feel.
    Mastery of our emotions is literally taking our power back from those who would use our own power against us, use our own power to destroy all that we love and cherish.
    And I echo your counsel to be tender with ourselves, ever so gentle. In emergencies, we can always call upon our inner Aunt Beast :)

    • arion444 Says:

      I absolutely love your response written here. Was it spontaneous or is it from one of your blogs? I’d love to quote from it in my blog. Let me know.

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