More Eqclipsinox

diopt8931bpA brownish Cerussite Crystal (Lead Carbonate) nestled into the center of a bed of emerald-green Dioptase Crystals (Copper Silicate).  Dioptase invites Magnetic Magic while Cerussite connects the Crown Chakra to Source.

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I’ve discovered an error; the Eclipse is at half past 2am PDT March 20 ( and I’ve been saying that the Equinox is an hour later, but it’s not, it’s thirteen hours later, at quarter to 4pm PDT (  I’ve been misreading the am/pms.  Here’s a non-Coca Cola website that’ll have a live broadcast…

starting at half past 1am PDT.  Anything’s gonna be better than the horrible Live (sic) Astro-Events that Coke’s been sponsoring since the Venus Transit in 2012.

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Bonnie adds,

“And the secret must be broadcast at last: What we call ‘emotion’ is the ‘living connective tissue’ of All-of-Life in a domain, as Darin says, that we have neither name nor model for.  When we are in love, in joy, in awe and wonder, we are experiencing ourselves connected to this ‘living connectivity’.”  (see

I’d add “in Curiosity” to the list.

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And SoulSpeak (as she of all folks would) guides us to one of the most Powerful, if not The most Powerful, Healing Meditation I’ve ever heard.  It would be a fabulous way to meet the Equipse or the Ecualnox, or just to Celebrate our Uranus-Pluto graduation, as if Healing needs an excuse.  It takes an hour; find a place to lie down near your computer speakers, and bring plenty of Kleenex…

Find SoulSpeak’s fount of wisdom at .

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And Elizabeth points out that we might want to mention some of the other dramas unfolding as the Eclipsquinox unwinds.

For instance, Uranus and Pluto, even though the Square is past Exact, are still within ten arcminutes of one another…

So really, even though the burner has been turned off, it’ll be mid-May before the Yintegrity pot cools.  It will be lit up on March 21 and 27, April 4-8, 11, 17 and 24, and May 1 and 8, so you’ll have opportunity for remedial work if there are still things you need to get off your chest – especially after that Meditation!

The Uranus-Pluto Square makes a Major Tricolor with Jupiter during the Eclipse, and a Minor Tricolor with dwarf planet Chaos (Potential, not Disorder)

There is still more than enough Yintegrity Energy around for plenty of Life-Changing Breakthroughs.  Aim high.  I know, all your Life you’ve assumed that what you’d really Love isn’t possible.  But just for once, What if it Was?

There is a Quintile Yod pointing at Juno from Pallas and Neptune…

Some of the Bigger Breakthroughs will be surprising, as they’ll involve Learning how to change the way we set Boundaries in Social situations, so we don’t “give ourselves away” as much, or have to hide our True Self as much.  Who knows, we might be enlisting our Inner 2-Year-Old and start saying “No” to people.

And a Trine Fez between Juno, Saturn, Venus, and the Chariklo-Hylonome Conjunction…

If our concept of what it means to Walk in Beauty is Challenged by our Growth in Consciousness, we may find that there are More Important Things than pleasing everyone – like maybe, pleasing ourSelf.  All Losses must be Grieved, though, and we may have to Grieve the Loss of an Identity that was built on “Nice.”  Yintegrity may involve more Grief than Nice did, so it’ll be good practice for Mastering Grief.

Just to review some terms here, a Major Tricolor is a triangle made up of a Square, Quincunx, and Trine, while a Minor Tricolor is one comprising a Square, Quincunx, and Sextile.  Since we use red for Squares, blue for Trines and Sextiles, and green for Quincunxes, these Configurations end up in three colors.  You unlock the Grace in the Trine or Sextile, to neutralize the Challenge in the Square, by Attending to the relationship between the two Quincunxed planets with CuriosityA Sextile requires an initiatory Action to liberate the Grace.

A Trine Fez (so named because it’s shaped like the Turkish hat) is a parallelogram with a Square for a base, an Unx (Semi-Sextile) at the top, and Trines for sides.  The Challenge in the Square is dealt with by applying Curiosity to the relationships between each of the two kitty-corner planet pairs.  Here that’s Venus and Saturn (Walking Beauty and Priorities), and Juno and Chariklo-Hylonome (Edges of Consciousness and Grief over Loss of a Free Pass).

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