Carl Jung, Kalessin, and Woody Allen


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Two very different approaches to Manifestation here, both excellent.  Bruce’s interview will expire around 11am PDT on March 19, and Alberto’s around 11am PDT on March 20 ( for other time zones), but if you don’t have time to listen and you want to do so, leave a comment to that effect and I’ll send a workaround. 

My own orientation toward Life is Jungian – that the bottom line of Life is a Journey toward Wholeness – so I resonate with Alberto’s approach.  On the other hand, Bruce’s description of the way Life works is exquisitely expressed.  I’ve always assumed that a Jungian orientation toward Life doesn’t apply to everyone, perhaps depending on the Sign of one’s Nodes.  Some folks just came here to have kids or play futbol or watch TV, and so be it.  Bruce’s keys to manifestation follow the Ego’s Desires.  Even if your Life orientation is a bit less hedonistic, do give Bruce’s suggestions credence, as they’re well researched, and I don’t believe Life will let you escape your Destiny, however it evolves.  Nothing wrong with Ecstasy, and nothing about Ecstasy prevents us from seeking Wholeness.  If it works, don’t fix it.

Bruce Lipton:

Alberto Villoldo:

In general, you can tell the difference between a Jungian orientation and a Freudian orientation by whether someone speaks of the Subconscious or the Unconscious.  To Freud the Subconscious was a dungeon where your various Demons are chained up.  To Jung the Unconscious is a Treasure Room from which your various Angels beckon.  Like Smaug’s den, compelling enough that we’re motivated to endure danger in pursuing it.  But then, that’s the Hero’s Journey from the Age of Aries.  What motivates the Aquarian Heroine?

2 Responses to “Carl Jung, Kalessin, and Woody Allen”

  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

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  2. Bonnie Says:

    What motivates the Aquarian Heroine? Mystery and mastery and heroic Adventure :) All born of an irresistibly compelling archetype: Bringing the living waters to humanity.
    Of course, we don’t quite know that’s what we’re up to when we set out on our journey … we kind of discover it along the way, yes? … and then ‘do’ all we can to see it through.
    I’ve been wondering if you know of Elestial Calcite. I understand it grows in a very unique way, assembling itself little by little as the wind blows it over and across the sands of the desert: A lovely, poignant metaphor for the journey of Yintegrity.
    Thank you again, for your warm celebration of my songs, and for all you do here.

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