Eqclipsinox 3.20

mntao7130bpManganotantalite – Manganese Tantalate – which enables you to speak difficult messages so as to be heard and understood.

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Interesting Eclipse, Challenging us to Celebrate our coming out by Speaking our Truth without Hesitation or Shame or Fear.  We are all as Moses.  The Future we Co-Create depends on it.  The Eclipse is half past 2am March 20 (http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pdt2.htm for other time zones), an hour prior to the Equinox.

The Eclipse is one end of the base of a T-Square, with the dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) at the other end.  The Focus of the T-Square is the Conjunction of the dwarf planet Quaoar (Lawgiver) with the Centaurs Chariklo (Beauty and Charm) and Hylonome (Grief unto Ego Death).  The T-Square has no Bridges within three Degrees of Sensitivity.

It’s unusual for a T-Square to be Bridgeless.  If we allow four Degrees we get a Juno (the Edge between Consciousness and the Unconscious) Trine-Sextile Bridge, and if we stretch our Sensitivity to five and a half Degrees we get a Kite focused on Makemake.  Six Degrees of Sensitivity is too wide to make a comment on the immediate impact of the Eclipse itself, but completely appropriate for ventures begun under the Eclipse.

So the Eclipse itself is likely to be a fairly difficult Challenge.  It’s a good time for a “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” approach; take the risk and Speak your Truth.  Adventures begun under the Eclipse promise to richly produce what we Want, and provide us with positive Growth in the process, so taking the risk to Speak your Truth would be the perfect Adventure to initiate.  You’ll find Resistance at the beginning, but don’t back down.  Speak what you’re Certain about in your Heart and Soul, not what you think, or what you believe will make you sound credible or bring popularity or acclaim.  The Eclipse is at the Aries Point, the very beginning of the Zodiac, so all is New here, new doors are opening.  If your Heart and Soul know it to be True, it needs to be said – it’s important to the Future of the Planet and for the Future of the People.

Quaoar is not a Lawgiver for the sake of Control, but for the sake of Survival.  He tells us when it’s Safe from frost for sowing seed, when to harvest before frost destroys our winter food, and when to scatter the chaff.  You are Channeling Quaoar here, and your voice is very important.  On the other hand, we are done with Charm and Codependence and Popularity contests (Chariklo-Hylonome).  Grieve them, they are done for.  You could even sell short Facebook and Google, both just high-school Popularity machines.  They’ve had their day in the Sun.  The Message here is “dead” serious – that is, important if we want to stay Alive.

There will be lots of shouting, but eschew Argument.  Speak your Truth loud and clear not to negate anyone else’s Truth, but to gather your Tribe.  If someone else’s Truth seems to negate yours, Let It Be.  They’re just gathering a different Tribe.  Each Tribe will have its own assignment, and all Tribes will Collaborate, even if the initial messages sound contradictory.  There are no Contradictions, only Paradoxes.  The Universe is inclusive – Paradox arises only because we don’t understand.  Arguing against a Paradox is folly.  Arguing against apparent Contradiction is just mental masturbation, and we no longer have time for that.  We need to shoot straight for the Womb, to fecundate the seeds of the New Energy, and mindstuff won’t cut it.  If someone wants to argue with you, just walk away.  Once they figure out that they’re arguing with the Trees, they’ll get scared and come running to try to find their Tribe.

2 Responses to “Eqclipsinox 3.20”

  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate and commented:
    Empowering guidance…….the Tribes are gathering…speaking your truth..no hesitation is mandatory dear fellow travelers. ..speak your own tongues…each being carries a unique harmonic..collectively as tribes are formed…harmony is achieved……amazing energy at this moment…….Yintegrety…….
    ….may the dance begin….

  2. zuniverse2013 Says:

    That is so cool !! WOMAN

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