O Timely Timely!

mgrieb3018bp Magnesioriebeckite, an asbestos.  The 1/1/2000 chart predicted the Loss of the Veil (Neptune Conjunct South Node), and splintering of “Reality” is one consequence.  It makes Mastering Both/And thinking, or “cognitive dissonance,” critical to our Survival.

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Just what is Priority #1 right now?  Not next year or next week, but today.  Don’t Ask your mind or your Shoulds (or another person); Ask your Heart.  Asking myself this today, the answer I got was…


Who would have guessed?  Especially under Saturn.  But then, we know that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and Goddess knows we’re on the cusp of Growth!  When I think about it I realize that Confusion, if we Let It Be and don’t try to fix it, isn’t so far from Curiosity.  “Isn’t this a surprise.  I wonder where it will lead?” arises naturally.

I keep running into the word EASY.  I realized last week that in fact my relationship with the object of my most frequent worries is EASY.  The word comes up for SoulSpeak too…

“I am shown how continuing up the stairway, once I stepped through the door, was a new SIGNATURE, a KEY, and shown this morning that in my commitment to my journey and my commitment to nurturing and building a stronger vessel, within the biology of ME..healing occurred easily.  Again..I am told EASILY is a key word….”  https://soulspeak2013.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/at-the-table-where-is-this-place/

And EASY arose in several other contexts over the last week.  Of course our Anxieties are almost never about the intellectual content we attribute them to, but the Challenge is remembering that, when we’re Identified with the Anxiety.  When we regress, we lose track of everything we’ve learned since the age we regress to.  Geneen Roth’s interview is supposedly about Food, but it’s really about Life…


…and very profound!  This will go away in a couple of days, but if you don’t have time to listen let me know and I can email you a copy.  The same is true of Gregg Braden’s very timely interview…


Echoing Geneen’s comments about Self-Love and Gregg’s comments about Yintegrity, Soulspeak gives us the recipe for Healing EASY…


  ∏    ∏    ∏    ∏    ∏ 

After 8am PDT (http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pdt8.htm) March 14, the Energy shifts abruptly.  Suddenly we go from Total Focus on Priority #1, to massaging those last two pressure points that stand between us and our complete Yintegrity.  Of course, if your Priority #1 was your Yintegrity, and you found yourself in Confusion, you’re home free with a weekend pass.

  ∏    ∏    ∏    ∏    ∏ 

After 10pm PDT (http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pdt22.htm) March 16, the Energy shifts abruptly again.  Except for debriefings, we’ve finished our three-year Journey into Mandatory Yintegrity.  More doors open into EASY.  There is one Guardian at the Threshold, the Total Eclipse on March 20 at half past 2am PDT (http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pdt2.htm), two hours before the Equinox.

The last Degree of Pisces is “A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as is ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it.”

Which gives us a week to practice interrupting our habitual negative thoughts, lest we grow up to look like them.  It’s an interesting Eclipse, Partial in northwest Africa and Europe, and Total only in a few islands north of Scotland.  Advance details:


Then before we get to the Ides of April, a number of other heavy hitters weigh in.  We get Stations of Badboy dwarf planet Ixion March 23, Blame Magnet Centaur Pholus on March 25, Lawgiver dwarf planet Quaoar on March 28, and the Cinderella-Story Centaurs Chariklo and Hylonome in the first week of April – all turning Retrograde.  I don’t see Retrograde planets as diminished or negated, I see then as under reconsideration.  So I don’t see this gang as Guardians so much as opportunities to shift their roles in our Lives to match the New Energy – as Braden discussed.  We’re in good shape, it’s just that we’re dragging our minds along in the mud behind us and they need upgrading.  Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade, with emphasis on the Upgrade.

  ∏    ∏    ∏    ∏    ∏ 

Looking beyond April, Jupiter and Saturn dance together in July and August (the Waning Square), suggesting that we may drop into another economic Void between 2016 and 2020.  Saturn and Neptune drop into the Void from 2017 till 2026 (again, the Waning Square), likely meaning that Cultures won’t catch up with the New Energies for another decade.  All of which makes Braden’s interview an ongoing anthem for us. 

Remember that we’re still in the very early stages of a new Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl Chiron-Neptune Cycle – it will be 2042  before this new economic mileau will be well understood, just as it was 1958 before the post-WWII economic process was reset. 

The Waxing Chiron-Neptune Square occurs in 2042.  The prior Waxing Square was in 1958; Chiron’s orbit is very irregular, so what took 13 years in the last Cycle will take 32 years in this one.

In US manufacturing in the 1950s, it was quantity that counted, and quality didn’t enter the lexicon until Japanese industry brought it across the Pacific.  In 2020, the two-century Age of Electromagnetics begins in earnest, encompassing not just electronics but a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum.  There will be a boom for 15-20 years, until total chaos reigns because rush to market produces failing simple components that bring down complex systems, proprietary protocols don’t align with one another, and nothing is secure from hacking.  The reset in the 2040s will attempt to rectify these problems.

With an economic downturn and cheap oil in the second half of the 2010s, ameliorating Global Balming will be a low priority.  If the downturn is steep prior to the 2016 US election – and maybe anyway, the US will come to look like the old Soviet Union, where environment and people are considered replaceable throwaway resources with priorities much below the primary goal, which in the US will of course be maximum profits for the few.  With police militarized, rebellion will be suicide, just as it was in Chile and Argentina and Nicaragua and dozens of other countries that Milton Friedman and his minions destroyed while Atlas shrugged.  With media controlled, we won’t even hear about it when famine and war with desperate refugees from Bengladesh, fleeing flooding, wipes out millions in eastern India. 

I could go on about the new feudalism and virtualism, but instead, let’s get a head start Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrading these negative pictures reminiscent of Peter Brueghel the Elder, and Meditate or PIAVA up an alternative that we’d want to Live in. 

4 Responses to “O Timely Timely!”

  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate and commented:
    This is an amazing and beautiful validation dear fellow travelers. So many this last week going into this morning also…receiving/sharing this powerful information. We are at this moment NOW..

  2. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Thank you once again for the immense validation that this is NOW . The ease in which I came from last Saturday to this morning has me amazed and actually feeling my Mastery step into this moment in grace. The ease in which my body responded to these enormous energy activations and upgradings, actually had me on my knees in immense gratitude that I choose to allow/follow/understand my inner vision and vessel to meld and gain this knowledge and acceptance easily. I am thankful now to have these tools readily available and with the blessings of understanding..I stroll easily through this moment…taking a deep breath..for we are to surely be using this knowledge in big ways in each now moment. My human mind is blown..and that is exactly perfect haha!! Thank you for assisting my understanding with your wisdom of the stars and the energy..and this thing called US…Namaste’

  3. astrobuss Says:

    Thank you, Soulspeak!! What an Inspiration you are!

  4. Base Camp at First Light | Dancing in the Tao Says:

    […] Ease indeed. Growing ease, growing gently, the fulfillment of ancient promises. After a long, long, dark, dark night, we who have been so eagerly attuned to our inner skies … we are the quiet joyful witnesses to the first light of the new sun. Let us sing and dance and celebrate. […]

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