Shifting, Tipping, Monkeying Around


Well, here’s some solid proof of Shifting, not what you’ll be finding in the for-greed media…

Here’s a fabulous hour with Dr. Minnich, an expert on detox – more evidence of Shift!  It’s billed for diabetes, but it’s a fabulous summary of the relationship in post-modern (ie, “Integrated”) medicine between Food and General Health, irrespective of diabetes.  The first video, “Sneak Peak: The Importance of Detoxification for Blood Sugar Health”…

Should you be interested in registering for the whole program (free, needs just an email address and a first name you can make up if you want), it’s here – but turn your sound down before you click the link; it’s a howler, where someone starts screaming at you as soon as the page opens…

The introductory picture above shows the area (red) of communication blackout (“attenuation”) because it was facing the Sun when this morning’s Big Solar Flair went off – just five minutes after the Mars-Uranus Conjunction!  Here’s the picture in more detail…

If you were standing in Brazil this morning and held your hand up to block the Sun you probably would have seen a nice X-ray of your metacarpals.  Mars and Uranus are a bit less than two hours “behind” the Sun – that is, they’re rising two hours after the Sun does.

Mars and Uranus are “ahead” of the Sun from the astrological Perspective – they’re in mid-Aries, while the Sun is two thirds of the way through Pisces.  This is a paradox that takes some getting used to.  The planets, Sun and Moon included, actually move from West to East in the Sky.  It’s the Earth that’s rotating beneath the Sky that makes it look like everybody’s going the other way.  The Eastern horizon is the leading edge of the rotation, and the Western horizon the trailing edge.  When Mars-Uranus rises, Saturn is at mid-afternoon in the Sky, and Juno is almost straight down – Unconscious as Dungeon, downright Freudian!

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  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

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    Great information as this energy builds and multiplies…..Deep breath dear fellow travelers

  2. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Namaste’ and Sincere Gratitude for visiting today At the Table and sharing the conversation..Immense Love Flows as Blessings abundantly reveal themselves….Create an amazing adventure as we collectively take a deep breath and begin this new dance💜💜💜🌞

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