Full Wanna Moon

uvar2908bpUvarovite is a bright green Chromium Garnet from the Urals that separate European Russia from Siberia.  It is a Magical and Powerful Ally for Healing, especially clearing ancient Dramas that cloud the Heart.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

The potential to Co-Create what we Want at this Full Moon (10am PST March 5 – see http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst10.htm for other time zones) is profound.  Whatever you’re Praying for or Intending or Asking for or Visualizing or “Feelizing” or Affirming (ie, “PIAVAing“) or Commanding or Expanding into or Wishing for, you might want to stretch it just a little. 

If you aren’t doing post mortems on every PIAVA that you send forth, you need to start now, if you ever want to Manifest!  Every Prayer (and Intention and …) is answered, just not always the way you expect it to be.  If not, you need to find out why.  How to do that?  Well, PIAVA it!  “I Wish I knew why that Visualization didn’t work!”  “Well, what it I did know?”  When we Want something reasonable and we can’t Co-Create it, it’s almost always because we Want something else that conflicts.  Find out what that conflicting Want is, and negotiate Win-Win with yourself. 

What do we mean by “reasonable”?  Well, does anyone on the Planet have it?  If so, why not us?  Are we Wanting to leap farther than we’re prepared to leap?  Lots of folks have quadrupled their income in ten years.  But in a week?  Not so many.  How would it feel in your Body to have your income double in a year?  Any Yes-Buts?  Those Yes-Buts are your Allies, they hold the keys.  Yes-But I don’t want to have to commute.  Yes-But I don’t want to have to work harder or longer.  Yes-But I can’t sell myself – or sell myself out.  Yes-But I couldn’t stand to sit in classes to learn new skills.  Yes-But I’ll make more than Fred and he’ll feel bad.

A corollary of doing post mortems on your PIAVAs is that you need to reduce them to a small number, one at a time, otherwise you won’t be able to tell which Request is being sent back for edits.  And you need to reserve an appropriate timespan for each.  That means you have to prioritize, and probably also break up your Biggies into achievable milestones.  In three days (for example), what might we be able to achieve in the way of steps toward More Money, Less Stress, and Fulfilling Partnership?  We could work on them one at a time, alternating every few days. 

Or we could take a combination.  If we were working on More Money and Less Stress, we might PIAVA to find something we Love doing by Saturday, then by Tuesday find someone who makes Money doing it, that we might interview for Insights, or whose biography we can read.  Then by Friday next we might want to aim to conceptualize a couple of scenarios where we get paid to do what we Love and in the process meet people who would complement us.  And by the following Monday, can we choose one of those scenarios and begin to flesh out details about how it might Feel to inhabit it, along with those friends and potential partners?  That should give us a bundle of post-mortem material. 

We might even start to realize that our post-mortems are a lot more important to our Future than our Wants and PIAVAs.

Achievability is a useful criterion.  Meeting your Soulmate tomorrow is entirely possible (especially considering the astrology!), but how likely?  And how likely are you to latch onto an imposter because of your PIAVA?  How about Affirming that you meet a Soulmate candidate instead.  Then you could check them out to see if they fit all of your other requirements.  I once introduced two people who were remarkably alike astrologically, and they ended up hating each other.  Why?  Neither one of them Loved themselves fully, so neither of them could stand the Mirror.  Working on a Relationship?  Then how about Asking to Love yourself ten percent more by the end of tomorrow.  Once you spend less than two minutes a day criticizing yourself, then you can start working on Wabi Sabi Love (which is a great book, by the way, the one by Arielle Ford).

At the Full Moon, the Sun is approaching Chiron, aka Discouragement and Miracle…

If you find any Discouragement in the next several days or weeks, be sure to Empathize with it.  That means turning around to face yourself and telling yourself, compassionately, “Wow, you Feel pretty bummed, don’t you.  Do you want to talk about it?”  – as if you were your best friend.

The Pluto-Uranus Square chimes in – Pluto makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Full Moon Opposition, while Uranus, which is Conjoined with Venus, makes a Quincunx-Unx Bridge across it…

In the process of examining your Wants you’re going to be encountering your Values.  Many of your Yes-Buts will be voices from your Values.  Betraying our own Values is getting more and more difficult, more and more like swimming upstream.  What if we stopped betraying them?  What Yes-Buts would speak up? 

Meanwhile the Pluto-to-Sun/Chiron Sextile is the base of a Yod to Jupiter…

Remember all of our Stories about our Bird-Cage?  How the bars of our Bird-Cage are our Limiting Beliefs, and how they keep us Safe from marauding hungry Felines, Emotions we refuse to feel again, and other disasters?  And how, when we try to pry a bar or two loose to give us more breathing room, it’s always Scary?  Of course it is, it’s a threat to our Safety!  Well, this is not a time to focus on Safety.  Instead, be Loving with your Fear.  Locate it in your Body, soften it, warm it with your hand.  With the other hand you can Tap ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzVd6Ww0as4 ) on “I’m Scared.”  It’s okay to admit you’re Scared, no one is watching.

While Jupiter makes a Tricolor with the Pluto-Uranus/Venus Square…

It’ll be a lot easier to open up to Letting Go of our inauthentic Masks if we Wonder about the Power that’s forcing us to do it.  Think about it – it’s pretty amazing how the Universe seems to have been conspiring over the last several years to get us to stop hiding behind our False Self, and let our True Self speak out more often.  Where are the places where we’re still Scared to be completely True to our Deeper Self?  Aren’t we Curious about how we might best PIAVA to get beyond those Safely?  What are the Yes-Buts that hold us back from that?

Nobody would like us?  Well, some people might not.  But do you think a few folks – maybe the people who we’d actually rather hang with – might like us more?

We’d get fired?  Yeah, that’s possible, and it could be a tough transition.   “Sustainable” and “Sustenance” are the same word.  We might need to lower our expectations of Material “success,” or get deeper into Community.  But doing what you don’t really Love doing will take years off your Life.  May as well start now while the current’s still strong and running your way.

The dwarf planet Chaos (Potential rather than Disorder) T-Squares the Full Moon and Trines Pluto while Sextiling both Uranus/Venus and Jupiter…

The Energy for moving forward to bring your True Self out into the World is immense here and for the next two weeks.  Take the risk – you’ll be surprised how quickly the Universe lines up behind you.

The Moon is the focus of a Septile Yod with a Mercury-Vesta Conjunction on one corner of the base, and a Mars-South Node Conjunction on the other…

I know, when you explore your Yes-Buts there are deep-seated Beliefs that stand in the way of what you Want, and places where it Feels like you’d rather die than have to go through that again, and they seem impenetrable.  On the Canadian West Coast there is legend of a terrifying two-headed sea-monster called Sisiutl.  When this monster sees a Huperson it rushes forward with gaping maws to snack.  But if you stand still while Sisiutl is rushing you, when it gets close enough its two heads will see each other and terrify one another to Death.  Deep-seated Beliefs can shatter like that this month. 

And if you don’t already have what you Want, it probably means you need to move through an Ego Death to get it.  So it’s not “I’d rather die!” it’s “I’d rather die.”  It’s Ego – the sense of “I,” your Identity, the person who you used to be and that you need to leave behind in order to Co-Create what you Want – that’s “dying,” or more correctly, being Transformed.  Go with it; you’ll be surprised and delighted when you see how easily these Paper Tigers are slashed.

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