Shift Happens

Ceres-dual-bright-spotsDon’t know if you knew that the Hupersons have sent a spaceship to visit the dwarf planet Ceres (recently Initiated by Pluto – “In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys), out in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  The spaceship now is 29,000 miles (the circumference of the Earth is 25,000) from Ceres and snapping photos like the tourist that it is.  No one in recent memory has been there, after all.  Evidently no one called ahead to notify the Cereans that the Earthlings were coming, so they haven’t turned out the lights.  The headlights are literally Mysteries, not Photoshopped.  Best guesses from the Muggles are reflections from exposed Ice or fresh vanilla Lava, but till the official propaganda is handed down by the Commision, you’re free to make up whatever story pleases you.

A reader recently asked where I stand on “The Shift.”  There’s a great book on the history of the 1960s – which as you should know by now we’re reliving, for at least another two weeks – called Time it Was: American Stories from the Sixties,

“As for the complex social and racial equality issues I covered and reported on in the mid-1960s, change has been slower than I would ever have imagined when I was in my 20s.  I still think we are moving in the right direction.  It’s just that sometimes and in some places the program can only be measured in millimeters rather than the miles I would have expected 40 years ago.”

It’s a great book, whether you were there or not.  It’s a “textbook,” so the price is usurious, but Amazoo has good used copies for reasonable prices.  I mean, how much damage can a student do in three or four months.

I don’t Believe The Shift is a three-dimensional issue.  It has to be viewed from a larger Perspective.  It’s happening, but we don’t hear about it on the Nightmarely News.  There will be Tipping Points, but they’ll probably be single-issue Tipping Points.  Since everything is related though, each one will push the others.  It may take centuries before we get to where we’d like to be.  The species will probably survive Global Balming, though it may be by regressing to the Stone Age – the Diet’s already gone there! 

Here’s a very concise summary of the current American Fascism (the definition of Fascism that I learned in high school civics class is government and business in bed together) and our attempts to Tip it into the dustbin…

From a completely different Perspective but on the identical issue (Change), here’s an interesting coaching from Pat Carrington, who has adapted Tapping to include positive statements as well as negative…

“All-negative” Tapping works for me, as it’s just Empathy for what’s really going on, and as such has the Power to Create Miracles.  But by all means try Pat’s technique.  Who ever had too many tools, anyway?

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