Transformation of Belief

Feb2715I know, sleep has been screwed up lately, and it’s likely to continue for the next couple of days.  This is one of those Uranian times when, if we want to maximize our health, we need to sleep – or nap – when we’re tired, work when we’re inspired to, and be open to very expansive Changes in just about everything.  Napping should be very productive.

In a few days the dwarf planet Chaos (potential rather than disorder) will be Stationary and turning Direct, which it does at 4pm PST February 27 ( ).  The Moon crosses Chaos at 5am PST  February 26 ( ), so we’re in the thick of it already.  Along with Jupiter, Chaos is one foot of a Pluto Yod, Pluto of course remaining Square to the Nodes and within half a degree of the mid-March final Uranus-Pluto Square (that will be literally the End of an Era).  Jupiter in turn is highlighted by its own Yod, with Pluto and Chiron as its base.  Opposite Jupiter, Mercury approaches Vesta.

The whole complex Configuration has a peak from 9pm PST March 2 ( http://www.jbuss,com/tt/pst21.htm ) till 3am PST  March 3 ( http://www.jbuss,com/tt/pst3.htm ) – plus six hours on either side – when the Moon crosses Jupiter and Opposes Vesta.  And another peak on March 4 (exact at 3am PST – – plus a day on either side ), when Vesta Initiates Mercury at Aquarius 18, “Someone’s secret motives are being publically unmasked.”

When we’re trying to Manifest something (and who isn’t, all the time!) and we’re having difficulty, it’s always useful to Ask ourself “Do I Believe it’s possible – for me?” and “Do I Deserve it?” and listen carefully for answers from one of those quiet voices we usually ignore.  I mean, if we don’t have self-doubting voices, are we even psychologically healthy?  So of course we usually ignore them.  Not now.  Dial them up.  They’re trying to help.

We hear them as negative because of the old rule that if someone isn’t being heard they tend to get either louder or insulting.  Louder doesn’t work because they’re long since Banished.  So they insult us.  Shake it off and listen.  They actually want to help.  How could you twist their insults so you understand how they’re trying to help?  For instance, suppose they’re saying “You’re Irresponsible.” – well, it’s not easy to serve two masters.  So who are you being Responsible to?  Maybe it’s time to switch your allegiance.

Not necessarily to how your insulting helper wants you to change – there’s a good chance they’re either being sarcastic, or repeating a voice of Authority from your formative years.  You might feel overworked and it’s your father’s voice telling you to go out and play.  You might feel like you’re slacking off and it’s your mother’s voice telling you to knuckle down.  So, objectively, which is it?  Are you working too much, or playing too much?  Chances are it’s not your Behavior that’s being asked to Change, but your Beliefs.

When you’re inspired or devoted to your Mission or both, there’s no such thing as overwork.  But you might have a Belief to the contrary.  When you have the luxury to do it, there’s no such thing as playing too much.  But you might feel guilty about it.  So, how do we go about Changing those self-abusive Beliefs? 

In this video (another gift from Donna and David) Bruce Lipton makes some suggestions.  A warning – he’s too glib.  That’s because he’s excited about his Mission – which is to transform your Limiting Beliefs.  Most of what he says is right on, but his delivery makes it sound easier than it is.  So approach this with a little healthy skepticism about methods but a mind and Heart open to Unlimited Possibilities about results…

You’ll end up PIAFVAing most of the Changes you want to make in your Unconscious and Semi-Conscious Beliefs, rather than using mechanical means.  Break your Wants up into small steps so you can go after them one at a time – that way you can see what’s working and Celebrate it, and shift your approach when success isn’t immediate.

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