Potential and Possibility

More Synchronicities – the concept of Potential keeps coming up in these interviews, and arises in Carol Tuttle’s workshop that we’ll link to in a moment.  The concept is still a subtle background; see if it doesn’t grow more prominent in the week ahead.

The dwarf planet Chaos – which represents Potential rather than Disharmony, is Stationary turning Direct on February 27.

Today’s gift from Donna Eden and David Feinstein is a recording of a four-hour workshop presented by Carol Tuttle.  We’ve had Carol “on this show” before; she’s a well-known EFT (aka Tapping) practitioner.  David of course is one of the movers and shakers in EFT, as it was his review of the extant scienterrific literature on the subject that convinced the American Psychiatric Association to grant continuing education credits for EFT courses to psychologists and psychiatrists.  Since it’s somewhat difficult to follow verbal instructions for physical movements, before we give Carol’s link I want to give a link to Jessica Ortner’s very straightforward introduction to a simple but very effective version (the one I use) of EFT…


It would be great if Donna needed no introduction, as Donna is to Energy Medicine as Janis Joplin is to Rock and Roll and Johnny Appleseed is to Fruit.  A modern-day Saint, really.  If you’ve never spent time with her work and you can afford it, get one of her books or DVDs.  If you can’t afford one, go in with some friends and share it, or wander around the extensive “Resources” section of her website.  Here are the basics…


but don’t miss (menus to the left) Energies of Love for Women and Energies of Love as well.

Okay, with that background, here’s Carol Tuttle’s four-hour audio workshop that covers many of Donna’s elementary techniques, and EFT as well…


Long, but worth the time even if you’re already familiar with EFT and Energy Medicine.  The primary theme is – what else – Relationship, but Abundance and Yintegrity are ubiquitous themes in all of Carol’s works, including this one.  There’s also a lot of great stuff on Carol’s own website…


I don’t know how long Donna and David plan to leave these great Gifts online, but this is Day 5, and Day 1’s audio is still online.  These are all fabulous resources.

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