Wabi-Sabi Love

lem6960bpIs it the Perfection or the Imperfection that you most enjoy about Crystals?  A Dow Lemurian Quartz; “Lemurian” refers to the horizontal striations on three sides of the Crystal and the golden-pinkish cast.  These Crystals were programmed by Lemurians (an early incarnation that was more Consciousness than Form) as a record of their Wisdom for Future incarnations.  “Dow” refers to the six faces of the Crystal’s point – a Dow Crystal has three 7-sided faces alternating with three 3-sided faces, combining Seventh-Harmonic Shamanic Magic (knowing the precise moment to Act in order to create maximum Effect with minimum Effort) with Third-Harmonic Love (eschewing both Judgment and Codependence) into a tool for Manifesting the Highest Good.

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Hard to believe how many Synchonicities are going on these days!  You’d think these folks are basing their actions on astrology.  Remember the Arielle Ford interview on Wabi Sabi Love ( https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2015/02/18/piafa/ )?  Well, Elizabeth points out that there actually is an asteroid named Wabi-Sabi, and it happens to be Stationary (meaning Strong) turning Direct exactly 24 hours after the February 21 Mars-Venus Initiation.  In other words, our Relationships for the next two years will not only be about Humor ( https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2015/02/14/st-valentine/ ), but also about Celebrating what we previously considered to be “faults” and “problems.”

When the asteroid Wabi-Sabi was discovered, Jupiter was Squaring the Nodes, suggesting that we’d be way ahead to regard our Karma, Mission, Desires, and Hidden Skills with Humor and non-Judgment.  In fact, what if our Karma was a Blessing?  What if it has actually protected us from harm all of our Life?  Sure, it’s Limited us, but what if we needed precisely those Limits to keep ourselves Safe and Alive till we were ready to move beyond them?  So what are the chances that Donna and David and Arielle actually have an astrologer who knew that the asteroid was Stationary?  I’d say vanishingly small; more than 400,000 asteroids have been cataloged; Wabi-Sabi was the 10,585th to be discovered, and hasn’t merited much attention since.

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