Busy Busy in EFT Too

We could really be at the Tripping Point.  The EFT (Tapping) World is heating up too.  Dr. Mercola sends this…


Nick and Jessica Ortner and their posse are busy with another year’s World Tapping Summit…


And even Nilima Bhat, of our recent fantastic Kate Hendricks interview fame ( https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2015/02/19/cellular-healing/ ), presents EFT as a likely Healing modality of choice for folks who resonate with Enneagram Type 1…


Note: Her link for determining your Enneagram Type doesn’t work, but if you want you can use this link instead…


Warning: historically, Enneagram practitioners can tend toward the negative.  Not that astrologers can’t do that too!  I don’t see negativity in this Enneagram Institute material, as far as I’ve looked at it (which isn’t far). 

Empathizing with our Self-Criticism is fine as a first step, as long as the second step is Rising Above It to Self-Appreciation.  And we need to be the Witness to our Self-Criticism, rather than the Victim of it.  Every Fault is a Skill when seen differently, and every Skill is a Fault.  The Key is to use each Skill in situations where it works, and to use a different Skill in situations where the first Skill doesn’t work.  And when it doesn’t work, we inquire which Skill we might have used instead, without Self-Judgment.  Whenever you’re tempted to Self-Judge, Ask what you did well in the situation.  Then you can Ask what you might do differently next time.

Nobody does anything perfectly the first time, except maybe Mozart.  But if we Screw Up for the Umpteenth Time – well, that’s probably a T-Square (or even a Square).  In this case we need to shift our Goals.  What did work?  Well, I’ll wager we Learned a bit (if we didn’t wallow in Self-Recrimination – or after we quite wallowing).  T-Squares and Screwing Up Umpteen Times are about Learning.  We don’t need to Surrender our Perfectionism (as if we could!), we just need to transfer it from what we thought we were trying to Manifest to what we’re Learning about Manifesting that (and about Manifesting what our Evil Twin wants; we need to Honor our Evil Twin’s Wants as our own).

This is one reason why Desire and Mission are intertwined in such a complex way.  Our Squares drive us to Deep Desire, but frustrate us with never achieving what we Desire.  If we have Squares to our Nodes, this is really true.  Wer immer strebend sich bemüht, den können wir erlösen, said Goethe – folks who strive tirelessly can be redeemed.  It’s easier if we don’t have Squares to our Nodes; our Desires and Mission are less convoluted.  Not that a Square to anything else is fun – till you make it so.

We’re starting a new Venus-Mars Cycle, and it’s a Light-Hearted Cycle for once.  If youall were born when Venus and Mars were Squaring one another, these suggestions have your name on them.  A Square is about Mastery through Challenge.  Because your Motivation to keep trying is boundless (which feels masochistic at times, but it ain’t, and don’t let anybody else tell you it is), you actually have more Experience than anyone else your age; which makes you more Expert at your Square than anyone who does it “perfectly.”    When the World is Stable, the Expert is someone who knows all the right answers.  When the World is Changing rapidly, as it is now, the Expert is someone who knows all the answers because they been there done that, because they know what to try next. 

The Planet is Changing from Extreme Male-Dominance to Equality, and of course it will lean over the line into Female-Dominance before it swings back toward the center.  So we all need to be willing to experiment with new strategies, which our Squares drive us to by necessity.  Squares are Fourth-Harmonic Angles, and the Fourth Harmonic represents Dominion.  Not Dominion as in Dominance, but Dominion as in Healthy Control.  Being willing to Accept what we cannot Change, able to Change what we can, and having the Wisdom to know the difference.  And the gumption to keep trying.

One Response to “Busy Busy in EFT Too”

  1. Juli Arthurs Says:

    Can you talk more about those of us who have a planet squaring the nodes? Thanks.

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