labrador2474bapA good polished piece of Labradorite, a unique form of Feldspar, will give you just about any color you want, you just have to find the right angle.

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Another great Donna and David interview, with Arielle Ford, this one an hour long, with much deep information about Manifestation, as well as Relationship…


And just in time for the new, Light-Hearted Venus-Mars Cycle that starts February 21.  The Moon crosses their Lovenest at 4pm PST on February 20 ( http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst16.htm ), though, so we’ll be feeling it earlier.

Arielle speaks of not having much success with Visualization, and Donna concurs, agreeing that for them Feelization works better.  I want to expand on that, as each of us has a preferred sense.  Next time you’re having a conversation with someone and they keep repeating themselves, try an experiment.  Tell them “I hear you!” and see if that makes them feel heard (in which case they may no longer need to repeat themselves).  If that doesn’t work, try “I see what you mean.”  Then try “I know how that feels!”  You could even try “That stinks!” and “That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.” and “How could anyone have known!”  Then ask a friend to say those things to you while you try to communicate something serious.

Arielle and Donna prefer Feeling, but that doesn’t mean Visualization won’t work for others of us.  Visualization is also likely to work better for something Material or tangible, than for something with deep Emotion involved.  I might Visualize my newly planted seeds sprouting, for instance.  On the other hand, there’s always Power in imagining how you’ll Feel once something you Want has Manifested.  And the more you can really gin up the Feeling, rather than just naming it, the more Power there is.

This is Lunar Power, so you might try some Manifestation exercises when the Moon is Lighting up other planets – either the ones we talk about here, or the ones in your own natal chart.  For instance, here’s what we have coming up over the next week.  The Power should be greatest in the half-hour prior to each event…

  • New Moon, 4pm PST February 18 ( http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst16.htm ) – this is on the very Edge of Pisces, so go for something you feel very deeply about, and be sure to ask for a Loving and Gentle and Rapid and Complete Release of everything that would have stood in the way.
  • Neptune, 3am PST February 19 ( http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst3.htm ) – if you feel Confused, Pray for Clarity; if you feel Expanded, it’ll be a good time to Explore and Embrace any doubts you have about your Deepest Desires – you Deserve them!
  • Venus half-past 3pm PST ( http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst16.htm ) and Mars an hour later on February 20 – Whatever you Want from your Relationships, Give that to yourself.
  • Uranus, 2pm PST February 21 ( http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst14.htm ) – especially powerful because the Moon “occults” or eclipses Uranus; a great time to PIAFA more of your True Self coming forth and being Received with Delight and Respect.
  • Pluto, an hour and a quarter later – Imagine your own Desires, those of the Universe, and everyone’s Highest Good all merging into one smooth-flowing stream running ahead of you into your Future.
  • Jupiter, 7pm PST February 23 ( http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst19.htm ) – Let the Impossible be Possible, then Probable, then Manifest.

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