But If You Try Sometimes

This is a fascinating new way of Living, a whole new angle on our Desire/Mission Perspectives that sounds very powerful!  The “Queen’s Heirarchy of Needs” by Alison Armstrong…


This session was Live at noon PST on Friday the 13th, and they’ve been leaving the recordings online for three days, which would mean it would Demanifest on February 16.  But they just got the recording up, here in the evening (PST) of February 14, and they only say that the recording will be “extended.”  So to be sure you get to hear it 

– and it’s highly recommended –

you might want to squeeze it in before noon PST (http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst12.htm) February 16.  But I suspect it will be available till February 17, and maybe longer, since the series is skipping next week and will resume the week after.

If you miss it, here are a couple of other sources, but I haven’t previewed them…



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