St. Valentine

una8844bpUnakite, one of the three Heart Stones, combining the two Heart colors, pink (orangey-pink in this sample) and green – pink Feldspar and green Epidote – symbolizing what Jung called the Heiros Gamos, or marriage of our Inner Male and our Inner Female.  It of course symbolizes Relationship as well, because our Relationship(s) mirror the Love and Respect, or Dischord and Distrust – and the Balance – between our Inner Doingness and our Inner Ability to Call Forth.

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A quote from Walther Mathau, via Joan Borysenko – “My doctor gave me six months to live, but I couldn’t pay the bill, so he gave me six months more.”

These guys – Donna Eden, John Grey, and David Feinstein – are so excited to be finishing one another’s sandwiches that they can hardly keep from talking over one another, tying together everything that we’ve been talking about for years, plus plus plus plus plus.  If you want to Change the World and Humanity for the better, this is worth listening to a dozen times, studying the resources mentioned, and most especially, teaching your kids and everyone else what they’re saying…

John’s book talks about the Food part a little, but Joan Borysenko’s The Plant Plus Diet Solution and Jo Robinson’s Eating on the Wild Side are excellent places to start exploring further.

This recording is the first of a series of ten; you can sign up for the series at…

Here’s how to do the testing, that both Donna and John mention, of what foods and supplements your body wants at the current moment.  First, drink some Water.  Doesn’t have to be a lot – a half cup will do, though of course more will be better, as is almost always true.  Second, hold the food item or supplement at your navel.  If you body leans backward, away from it, the time isn’t right.  If your body leans toward it, it’s a go. Don’t blame her if I’m saying it wrong, but I want to acknowledge Donna because this is her Teaching.  I’m relating it the way it works for me.

Play with it for a while.  It’s always a dance between mind and Body.  Take something you have a mild reaction to – for instance, Dairy makes my voice scratchy because it triggers mucus in my sinuses – and test it at various times.  I might try Yogurt in the morning, Buttermilk in the afternoon, Yogurt again after dinner, Ice Cream before bed (!).  If I get a yes, I’ll go ahead and eat some.  Then see what happens, see if you get your usual reaction.  Or take something you eat often, and test it before you eat it.  See if there’s a difference in how you feel afterward, depending on whether you leaned forward or back each time, and whether you went ahead and ate some or not.  Some things will be obvious, others too subtle to tell.

Folks with an active mind will be Confused about whether their Thoughts and Desires are driving their Body’s reactions, and that’s appropriate – Confusion is the first stage of Growth, eh?  Play with it, test it for a week or two, see how it works for you and what sort of adjustments you need to make for yourself.  Hydration is important; always drink some Water first.

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The Uranus-Pluto-Nodes part of our current I Gotta Be Me Yintegrity Mission-Desire-Karma-Hidden-Skill-Discovery Energy has another Portal peaking at 3pm PST February 15 (, opening about seven hours prior and closing six hours after. 

If our Guilt arises (maybe because we know we Gotta Be Me but we’re scared to, and probably because we were programmed by the significant adults in our tykehood NOT to Be Me), it’s critical that we Empathize with it.  If you feel like you aren’t doing as much as you could to serve what you feel is The Most Important Thing in Life, and/or you don’t feel like your Greatest Desires are Spiritually Worthy, or you’re in the habit of Shoulding all over yourself, then say to yourself,

“You poor dear, as a child you weren’t given support to be your True Self, were you.”

This is an important step because you’re stepping outside of your usual Identity, taking the role of the Witness, and Empathizing with your own Abandonment.  Unpleasant Feelings will probably arise; be very gentle with them and with the person (you) whose Feelings you’re Witnessing.  Just sit with them for a few minutes.  If conversation arises between the two of you, great.  If it doesn’t, no worries, just be open to the possibility.

This is a great time to work on your Habit of responding to yourself in this way whenever Guilt or Doubt or Self-Judgment arises, and whenever you start to take on the role of your Betters who had or have the right to tell you when you’re wrong and how wrong you are.   Except for the HyperConfident and the Sociopaths, most of us do that; we feel like we should be doing Better because we were told we weren’t good enough as we are.

There is no second step with this practice.  It is an end unto itself.  The more often you do it, the easier it gets, and the easier it gets, the sooner you’ll be intervening in your own Self-Sabotage, and the sooner you intervene, the easier it is to stop Abandoning yourself.  It’s not possible to predict how, because you’re in New Territory, but Miracles will follow.

This is the Chiron influence – Chiron still forms a Sextile-Unx Bridge across the Uranus-Pluto Square, and still weakly forms a Quincunx-Unx Bridge across the Nodal Opposition.

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Meanwhile, our Relationship Energies will be reset next week; this is why we’re encountering this amazingly integrative information now.

Mars Initiates Venus on February 21, at 2 Aries, “A comedian reveals human nature.

Our Relationships will start being able to fly like the Angels because we’ll be taking ourselves Lightly!

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