Mission and Desire

How timely…

“The most dangerous risk of all: the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”

It may be important to realize that we don’t intend to speak about Absolutes here.  We intend to speak about Perspectives that are more or less useful in various circumstances.  In order to equate Mission and Desire we need to make a couple of assumptions.  For instance, we assume Original Blessing rather than Original Sin.  If we assumed Original Sin, Desire would be nasty and Mission would be suspect.  We assume the existence of some sort of individual “Soul” that chooses a Purpose (Mission) for a Lifetime and programs it in via choice of birth time and parents.  We assume a Jungian approach to Life; Freud averred that our primary purpose is to rectify some childhood sexual abberation; Jung based his approach on the notion that we’re driven by an Unconscious urge toward Wholeness.

The whole topic arises because we’ve been dealing with the South Node crossing Uranus just when Pluto Squares the Nodes and Uranus.  It doesn’t take a lot of astrological experience to notice that when Pluto dances with the Nodes, you find people who are driven, who feel they have a Purpose in Life, whether they know the details of it or not.  So in some ways, folks with a Pluto-Node relationship will resonate with this sort of discussion, while folks without such a relationship will be non-plussed by it.  Since it’s lit up right now, everyone will be experiencing it.  Pluto-Node folks will recognize it, others not so much.  One of our most basic assumptions is that the more often we experience a given Energy, the easier it will be for us to deal with it.  Since Pluto dances with the Nodes every five years or so, it won’t be a stranger.  A simultaneous Square to Uranus occurs a lot less frequently – about a hundred times less.

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