Mission and Duty

danb2440bp2Danburite, Calcium BoroSilicate.  Just as Angels can fly because they take themselves Lightly, it’s the lightest elements that are the most Healing – Beryllium, Lithium, Boron.  Danburite Channels Yin Lightning.

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Let’s excavate Mission and Desire a bit, starting by turning them around.  What if we felt our Desire as a Duty, and our Mission as a Joy. 

That’s not actually much of a stretch, as once Dissatisfaction and Frustration – natural reactions to Desire (and especially to T-Squares) – become burdensome to us, we start to think in terms of Liberation.  When Americans joined Europeans in the Slave trade, their first Slave ship was named Desire.  Beneath Desire‘s deck, each captive was alotted six feet by two feet by three feet – generous compared to some European boats – with chains at the ankles and neck.  Expectation constrains our own Birdcage in the same way.  Can we do Desire and Curiosity at the same time?

Seeking Liberation we become a Buddhist, whose basic belief is that Desire causes Suffering.  That doesn’t mean we have to retreat to a cave or renounce Desire.  We could become a Nicheren Buddhist.  Remember those orange-robed folks at the airport who used to dance around chanting Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō?  As I understand it, the basic idea is that it’s not Desire that hinders us, it’s our Attachment to Desire or its Objects.  To subvert our Attachment we Embrace our Desires and their Objects with Joy, and use Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō – while focusing intently on our Desires – as a constant PIAVA.  Intention is the “I” in PIAVA.

Following our Mission doesn’t necessarily make our Path easy.  Sure, there will be episodes of Serendipity and Synchronicity, where things fall into place Effortlessly.  But there will be many episodes of Confusion (the first stage of Growth) and Ineffective Efforts (while we Grow into a larger Entity), where we wonder what the devil we think we’re doing.  But each time we refocus and recommit.  We don’t hesitate to do that, because our Mission is Who We Are.  Think back over your Life and review the places where it was difficult but you wouldn’t for a moment wish that it was any other way.  Those sorts of places, where you might doubt your Methods but never your Purpose, those are Mission.  You wouldn’t have persevered if it wasn’t also on a very deep level your Joy.

I think of it as navigating through a city where the street grid runs north-south and east-west, but we’re in the southwest corner and we need to get to the northeast corner, and we don’t know in advance what our exact destination is, so we have to follow our Intuition in some guise, and take it one step at a time.  If we knew our destination and saw it on a map, we’d just alternate moving north and east in some combination.  Let’s say our Intuition comes through Vision, and when we’re moving in the right direction we see a dim Light up ahead.  There could be times when the Light appears to be taking us away from where we think we need to go, but we follow it anyway, and discover it was leading us to the only bridge across an obstacle.

Our Journey could be through a maze rather than through a grid, with many dead ends.  Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Earthsea, Star WarsNancy Drew, Buffy – this is just the Hero’s Journey, as described so well by Joseph Campbell.  We can’t forget the Heroine’s Journey, where the Challenge isn’t what to do and where to go, but to trust our Intuition.  If you read the Hero’s Journey through that lens, you see that it’s there all along and every bit as important as the Dynamic parts that take center stage – because they were written in an age of Masculine dominance.  Just the other side of the Coin.  And more important actually, since in those Dramas an error in trusting Intuition leads to annihilation.

Here’s a perfect example of Mission as Commitment to personal Truth…


Bottom Line – Mission and Desire are the same Energy, both equally Joyous and equally burdensome.  We see them as different only because now we see through a glass darkly.

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  1. Mahasweta Says:

    Amen to all of That!!!! :)

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