A little history… 

I didn’t work directly with Bill Black in the 1980s, but we were on the same team.  My job was to teach the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (“FSLIC”) how to use a then-new technology – the “microcomputer,” later known as a “desktop” computer.  His job was as lawyer for the Federal Home Loan Bank (“FHLB”) of San Francisco.   “Savings and Loan” Institutions (“S&Ls”) were then how most people got mortgages to buy homes.  “Banks” did mostly commercial lending.  As the Federal Reserve was to Banks, FHLB was the equivalent for S&Ls.  As the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) was to bank deposits, FSLIC was the equivalent for deposits in S&Ls. 

The Federal Reserve is both the wholesale bank and the regulator for US Banks.  The FHLB was both the wholesale bank and the regulator for S&Ls.  As regulator, Bill Black was a prime mover in exposing and prosecuting the fraudsters in what was then prominently known as the “Savings and Loan Crisis.”  In FSLIC at the time, the fraud was well known, as they were closing down several S&Ls a week because fraud made them insolvent.  FSLIC hoped that by using microcomputers they might be able to postpone the height of the Crisis until US President Ronald Reagan was out of office, so they wouldn’t sully his reputation, and he could continue to be the front man for what Naomi Klein has very well described in Shock Doctrine

If anybody doesn’t know Bill Moyers, he was US President Lyndon Johnson’s fight-hand person till they disagreed over the Vietnam War.  Since then he has been prominent in the “liberal media” as conservatives like to call it.  Here’s Bill Moyers interviewing Bill Black about the most recent World economic crisis in 2006-7…


If you’ve been reading this rag for a while, you know that we consider that economic crisis to be a major impact of the Initiation of Chiron by Neptune and the beginning of a new ~60-year Cycle built upon “Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl.”  Our consistent advice for surviving this Cycle is to rely on local Community and growing your own fresh organically-raised food, as much as possible. 

Meanwhile, the Uranus-Pluto Square, which develops a Cycle built upon “A Ouija Board,” advises us to trust our Yintegrity to find the path to Survival.  Shock Doctrine shows how Crises are manipulated (and sometimes caused) by a segment of our kind, or a semblance of our kind, to move wealth out of public hands and into private hands.  In public school I learned that when government and business were in bed together it was called fascism.  It takes an enormous amount of naivete or denial to avoid seeing how government and business are in bed together in the US today.

However, we’ve also been conditioned to see “fascism” as a violent, repressive, controlling sort of government – a lot like what we’ve been conditioned to see “communism” as.  So unless we live in Ferguson Missouri or the like, or understand what the hassles there are about, we’re also conditioned to see the US as a “democracy,” and certainly not violent, repressive, or controlling.  Here in the US we’re also conditioned to believe that the best defense is a good offense.  However, if we look at history it’s not difficult to see how a successful offense always leads to dictatorship.  Of course that could never happen here.  Could it.

Jim Rickards and others have pointed out that in the next financial crisis, there will be no government with enough excess credit to “bail out” the World economy, and that it will likely be the World Bank that does it, sowing the seeds of a World government. 


If nationalism shifted from us-against-them to all-of-us-defending-the-Planet (assuming we don’t ascend into Star Wars), that could be positive.  But more likely, what will follow is a real or de facto World dictatorship.  Dictatorships have winners and losers, with Yintegrity generally implying losing.  If we can live Yindependence without making a fuss and drawing attention to our nonconformity, then local Community and growing our own food could mean that we find a niche of relative peace.

Dolores Cannon and others talk a great deal about Earth “splitting in two.”  If you don’t understand what Larry Dossey was talking about in our previous post, you’ll probably join most other folks in failing to understand how the Earth could “split in two” in anything other than Physical “Reality.”  If you understand the concept of Living Yindependently, you can probably glimpse the idea anyway, as sort of a parallel Reality co-existing in the same space-time.

We have one more Uranus-Pluto Square, the seventh since 2012, at the Ides of March.  While it’s a Confidence-Builder, it will probably be an adventure, based on what else is going on at the time.  We’re finished with Uranus-South Node and Pluto Squaring the Nodes, so that Karmic part of the process is mostly behind us.  What’s next?  When are we likely to see the next Global Crisis?  There are many threads today that could easily unravel international stability, such as it is.  We need to spend some time with the new dwarf planets and their Cycles, to try to better understand the deep Unconscious currents that are churning.  The discovery of these dwarf planets represents a huge advance in Consciousness; we just have to grok it.

Otherwise, on the scale of Physical, Linear-Time Global “Reality,” our next Big Deal isn’t till 2020, when we Initiate new Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Saturn Cycles, in January and December respectively.  Saturn-Pluto has always been associated with Shock-Doctrine-like adventures, like “9/11.”  Jupiter-Saturn is associated with major shifts in the nature of economic activity. 

So, without input from the new dwarfs, and relying on the likelihood that little will actually change, we’d guess that the World economy will continue to limp along till late 2019, when someone will manufacture the next major Crisis that throws us into the hands of an EU-like World government, where a few voices will try to engineer a more “humane” treatment of the Planet while the major thrust is to engineer a well-funded safe “bubble” for the Elite to escape to.  Like the Medieval castle on the hilltop.  While the rest of us descend into serfdom.  The equivalent of the Medieval knights will be writing software to sustain the Elites’ bubble – or defend it against rival Elites and incarnations of Strider, Hans Solo, Edward Snowden, and Hervé Falciani.

Meanwhile a few folks will escape the Dominant Paradigm and co-exist in some degree of Yintegrity and Yindependence.  If enough folks move into that space, the “hundredth monkey” or the “hundred thousandth monkey,” or some equivalent of the “Maharishi effect” or “tipping point” or the “last snowflake” could easily descend on the Planet, any day.  It’s undeniable that this Energy is building, and could overtake us very rapidly.  Consciousness works that way; the Status Quo will be defended heartily till enough of our neighbors start to shift, and suddenly the whole neighborhood will Conform to a whole different way of being.

Initially I’d guess it will be more of a Descension – the Devolution of Spirit into Matter, than an Ascension or Rapture-like Evolution of Matter into Spirit.  But it could go either way, and the two courses may not be distinguishable.  Both/And after all.  The Elites could have their bubble, while everyone else lives in some equivalent to Buddhist Heaven – our elbows are locked at the feast, but we’re hip enough to feed one another.  We could share a time-space, or each Co-Create our own.

In the short term, Uranus-Pluto is still alive enough to be lighting up our weekends, when the Moon dances with it, and that will continue through mid-March. 

And a Blessing is forming as Ceres prepares to be Initiated by Pluto, forming with Chiron a Jupiter Yod.  We’ll document the timing of that in our next post.

This is a very strong Energy, inviting us to Expand into the newfound Freedom we’ve earned by battling our Karma into submission.  Miracles await in that Freedom.

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