Sedna’s Station

walrusWhat, me worry?

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Sedna is Stationary, turning Direct, at a bit before 8am PST February 5 (

We usually measure Sensitivity (“Orb” in astrolguese) in Degrees – for instance, when planets are less than three Degrees apart, we usually consider them to be Conjunct.  When planets Stand Still as they’re preparing to go Retrograde or Direct, one Degree of Sensitivity might be appropriate – mostly because there’s usually a lot of other things going on, and unless a planet is within one Degree of its Station we often feel the other things more strongly.

Degrees and Time are interchangeable.  It takes one Day for the Sun to travel one Degree.  Everyone’s Sensitivity is different.  Depending on what else is happening, I usually feel a Station for about a week.

Dwarf planet Sedna takes 11,000 years to make one loop around the Sun.  Pluto makes 44 loops in that time.  The last time Sedna was here in late Taurus, the Lizards were just landing in Sumeria and starting to GMO the Monkeys so we’d mine Gold for them.  That’s one Story.  Another would have Yahweh placing Sedna in Scorpio on Day 6 and slapping its butt to get it started.  Yet another would have our Ancestors looking at Dirt and Rocks with a gleam in their eye and having visions of agriculture and stone tools.  Both/And.  The point is, it was a while ago.

So on average, Sedna takes 30 years to cross one degree, which is why some folks say “Sedna is always Stationary”!  But that doesn’t mean that Sedna’s always the most important planet in the sky.  If we worked at it I’m sure we could cast a Story with Sedna at the center of the Unconscious, and all of the other planets would just be messengers for Sedna’s whims.  It would be an interesting exercise.  Our primary Unconscious driver would be Terror.  Not so far-fetched.

If we define Sensitivity with Time instead of Degrees, though, I personally find that I can distinguish the Energy of a Stationary outer planet for about a week prior to the exact Station.  So what if we consider Sedna to be the center of the Unconscious during the week prior to its Station and see what unfolds from that.

First we need to review what Sedna is about…

The Sedna Story is about our Fear and how it makes us do things we would otherwise never dream of doing.

Hmmm, maybe it would be appropriate to “cast a Story with Sedna at the center of the Unconscious, and all of the other planets would just be messengers for Sedna’s whims.”

Dramas unfold in stages, and each stage builds upon the previous.  By the time we get to stage 3 we’ve already forgotten who we were when the Drama began.  So no wonder we do things we wouldn’t otherwise do.  So our question for this week is,

“What Drama (or Dramas) are we in the middle of, where we’re Reacting to current circumstances from the perspective of who the Drama has morphed us into, rather than the perspective of who we really are?” 

We’ve just removed most of our Masks, right?  In the course of this ongoing Drama, do we have our Masks off?  Are we Responding from the vantage of who we were before the Drama began?  Or are we Reacting from the perspective of who the Drama has made us into?  Or is it our True Self that’s in charge now?

Haumea recently Opposed Eris, and the Stationary Sedna makes a Quincunx-Unx Bridge across the Haumea-Eris Opposition…

Our Drama – and our Responses – may have something to do with a recent Rebirth we went through, a Rebirth that resulted from opening up to what had been previously Unconscious.  Being more complex than the intellect can easily process, we recommend PIAVA to try to unearth these connections.  Like maybe…

“Great Spirit, may I have Clarity around how my Masks and my Old Self may still be impacting any Dramas in my Life where Fear is involved?”

Ixion-Pholus also makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Eris-Haumea Opposition…

There may be places where we still shy away from our True Self because we were in the past Blamed for being wrong, selfish, or inattentive.  Relaxing any Self-Judgment would be an excellent strategy here.

But most importantly, the Stationary Sedna is the focus of a Finger of Yod, the base of which is the Sextile between Haumea and the Ixion-Pholus Conjunction…

As an old Hip dude once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Dramas are Heuristics; we tend to put our Attention on the content of the Drama rather than the Teaching that the Drama gives us.  The outcome of the Sedna Myth was the marine mammals – Sustenance for the Inuit folks who owned the original Myth. 

Sedna’s Station is Novile to the Uranus-South Node Conjunction.

The Novile is the Ninth Harmonic – Meditation and Introversion.

This suggests that we eschew analysis and instead Meditate on the relationship between our ongoing Dramas and our Masks. 

Sedna’s Station is Quintile to both Juno and Venus, at the focus of the resulting Quintangle.

We’re Learning here about how our Values and the Edges of our Consciousness are influenced by Fear.  How many of our Values were founded in Fear of Punishment?  What do we fantasize when no one is watching?  Do we indulge those Energies in our mainstream Identity, or do we hide them behind Masks?  Is any of that hiding motivated by Fear?

Interesting questions, eh?  If we PIAVA Clarity we may get some answers over the next week, and maybe even some Revelations and Liberation.

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