Uranus-South Node Diamond Star

UKetu15As the South Node crosses Uranus on January 31 at 9pm PST (http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst21.htm), the Moon Opposes Pluto to complete the Grand Cross.  The Moon is also the focus of a Yod with Pallas and the Sun, creating a Diamond Star.  The Diamond Star will hang around from about 7pm January 31 through 7am PST February 1 (http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst19.htm to http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst7.htm).

When a planet is the focus of a Yod and also the focus of a T-Square (or a corner of a Grand Cross), a Diamond Star is formed.  The base of the Yod becomes part of a Trine-Sextile Bridge or “bowl” under the T-Square.  The result is a T-Square (or Grand Cross) with Benefits.

In this case it’s the Pallas-Sun Bridge that provides the Grace.

I’m guessing that you’re already feeling how the current astroevent is a lot easier than the mid-January event, even though the two are very astrosimilar.  The February 3 Full Moon should feel even easier.

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