Jupiter Full Moon

larimar2583bp9“Larimar,” an unusual form of Pectolite, a Sodium Calcium Inosilicate with a good reputation for Healing.  Imagine yourself looking back at the Planet while you’re on the way to the Moon and Beyond.

∨   ∧   ∨   ∧   ∨ 

The February 3 Full Moon at 3pm PST (http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst15.htm) should be a Sweetheart.

It makes a Grand Sextile with the Nodes plus Uranus, Pallas, and the asteroid Chaos (Potential, not Entropy).

Pluto and the fading Mars-Chiron Conjunction form a Sextile at the base of a Jupiter-Moon Yod, and because of the Grand Sextile Moon-Jupiter also creates Yods focused upon Mars-Chiron (with the North Node as the other end of the base) and Pluto (with Chaos).  This trio of Yods is the Power Center of the chart.

When we stretch our Sensitivity to birth-chart-scale, which we can certainly do since this is in no small way a Rebirth, we include a fourth Yod, focused on Juno (which joins the Moon) and based on Ceres (which is approaching Pluto) Sextile to the Venus-Neptune Conjunction.

This is no time for Hesitation or Doubt.  Except for cleaning up, we’re done with retrieving the Hidden Skills that were buried beneath the Emotional detritus of the Past.  We have one more Uranus-Pluto Square at the Ides of March, and that’ll be a doozy, but it’s a Confidence-Builder, so our newly undressed True Selves should be feeling just fine up there on the stage without their Masks.  This week we Dance and Celebrate.

Safety First should no longer be a concern.  It should be full speed ahead, and we should be able to surmount any perceived obstacles by simply growing larger than they are and swallowing them.  You can practice with that exercise where you imagine yourSelf as big as the room, as big as the building, as big as the block, as big as the town, as big as the county, and so on till you’re out there fist-bumping Pluto as you pass on your way to the Galactic Center.  Let the Miracles Begin!

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