MythoDiet and Orthorexia

To scienterrific types a Myth is kind of like a Superstition.  To folks like me a Myth is just a Perspective, and the more the merrier.  Of course, an Unconscious Myth is a Trance, and those can be very destructive when mismatched to their environment.  Patriotism, for instance, is a usually-Unconscious Myth, as is the notion that the “Food-like substances” (see next section) that they sell in the supermarkets will make you stronger instead of killing you.  This interview with Dr. Feinstein is incredibly timely, incredibly thorough, incredibly instructive, and provides a fascinating history in the process.  It’ll expire February 1, so don’t delay…

The next expires February 2.  Dr. Borysenko seems to have a good handle on Food versus Food-like substances, and she’s a scienterrific type!  She somehow seems to sidestep the Dominant Fascist Paradigm – aka the Agricultural-Industrial-Lobbyist Complex – and line up with us Orthorexics…

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