Follow the Bouncing Ball

Here’s an excellent exercise for our end-of-January adventures.  Set aside about 15 minutes.  When you get to the link below, scroll down about half a screen, till you get to “Play the Audio.”  Click on the white bar just above the black arrowhead that’s on the yellow-orange button.  Adjust your location on the bar till the number to the left of the button says 0:24:24 or less.  You may need to toggle the button with the arrowhead or || symbol to get the time to change.  Then listen to the meditation, which will take about 11 minutes…

You can listen to the whole 46-minue audio if you want, but the meat is between 0:24:24 and 0:35:35.

As we’ve been doing since 2012, we can summarize this coming weekend’s energy in many different ways, for instance…

  • Removing our Masks
  • Owning our Truth
  • Shifting our Assemblage Point
  • Aligning with our True Self
  • Connecting with Our Own Soul
  • Disruption of whatever is no longer in Alignment with the twists and turns in our Soul’s Path in the Current Lifetime
  • Facing our Karma
  • Letting Go of Obsolete Patterns
  • Yintegrity (Self-Trust)
  • Following our Joy
  • Embracing our Terror
  • Ego Death

And the like.  I mean, we been doing this for several years now, and we’re in the final Confidence-Building stage.  Actually, the charts for this weekend are pretty benign, as we’ll see over the next several days, as we take them apart and put them back together again.  But if you’re still dismantling your False Personae and your Programming, even Paper Tigers can feel pretty hairy.

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