New Moon Too

I neglected to notice that the New Moon, occurring as it does at quarter past 5am PST ( on January 20, falls within our Power Window between 5pm PST January 19 and 8am PST January 20 (see 

If we can’t spend the Power Window’s entire fifteen hours in Meditation, the time surrounding the New Moon would probably bring us maximum leverage.  Do your Elimination Rituals prior to the New Moon and your Manifestation Rituals afterwards if you want to follow Tradition – which is what maximizes the Power of Ritual.  Ritual is the same process as Karma or muscle-building; it’s all about reps.

Personally, I tend to reject Tradition – I mean, look where it’s gotten us.  I’d rather Create my own personal Rituals, uncontaminated by the chains of HisStory.  I plan to spend as much time as I can during the Power Window focused on the Future I want for myself and the Planet.

Some quick tricks for moving from head to Heart or Spirit?

  • Ask yourself “What if I did know?” when confronting a question, then take the answer you’ve already rejected.  It may have been so repressed you weren’t even aware of it.
  • Write out the dozen or so Most Important Values you have – the qualities you’d be most loathe to give up.  Rank them.  Imagine placing each one in the center of your Heart.  Do you Feel a warm Open Space?  Do you Feel YesButs?  Maybe you need to reconsider the latter.
  • Do the same with your PIAVAs.
  • Take whatever Drama that has your Attention, and imagine it Amplified.  Make discussion into argument, hesitation into danger, argument into open war.  If it was Life-and-Death, how would you React?

3 Responses to “New Moon Too”

  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate.

  2. arion444 Says:

    Great post. So, given all the opportunities listed in “What If I Let Go and Let God?”, the timeframe I calculated for the exact South Node-Uranus conjunction is 8:26am GMT, and Pluto squares the Nodes then. Is this an error?
    So, I’m going to want to time the sending of an email after the Pluto-Uranus/Nodes square, but before Mercury goes retrograde, but with all the choices you listed, I’ve gone all fuzzy headed. I’ll keep re-reading and recalibrating.
    Thanks, and enjoy the ride!

  3. astrobuss Says:

    Thanks, soulspeak! I think arion444 is looking at the True Node, while we use the Mean Node, which we’ve found to be more relevant in our own Life. The True Node wiggles all over the place like the seismometer at a Seahawks game, while the Mean Node just plods along oh so steadily, if backwards. Some folks make a big deal about the difference between the True and Mean Node.

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