Creating The Uncommon

Carol Tuttle is an EFT (Tapping) professional.  Her blog today includes a great and oh-so-timely video about Manifestation, Limitation, and Tradition…

Scroll down a couple of screens for the video.  As I’m writing this, Neptune (Spirit) is in the process of Initiating Mars (Doing)!

I often wonder if these folks have astrologers, or if they’re just very in tune with the twists and turns in the Zeitgeist.  The Initiation occurs at 6 Pisces, “A parade of army officers in full dress.”  Interesting picture.

The key to dealing with Neptune is that it represents Confusion (which of course is the first stage of Growth) when seeing the World through Material eyes, and Clarity when seeing the World from a Spiritual or Energy Perspective. 

So we look at this parade picture as if it was on the news, and we think “Oh shit, more war.”  But what is the Energy in the picture?  In full dress these folks aren’t going to war, they’re showing off their Dance.  If they’re in a parade (at least in some countries) they’re more likely to have already been to war.   And what characterizes a reunion of military folk?  Usually Camaraderie.  So if we allow ourselves to Dream a little instead of being “Realistic,” we might see more Community Collaboration over the next year or two as this Mars-Neptune Cycle develops.

A common Dilemma with Mars-Neptune is the apparent Conflict between Spirit and Flesh.  Mars-Neptune can sink us into many false dichotomies.  Spirit and Flesh are the same thing; it just depends on which set of glasses you’re wearing.  When they seem to Conflict, move to “the Coin” rather than the heads or the tails, or in this case, the Crown or the Root.

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